A Comprehensive ZyGain System Review

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Independent ZyGain System Review

If you want a penis enlargement system that offers the best in combining increased length AND girth of your penis, think about purchasing the Zygain® Complete penis enhancement system. Studies have shown that using a mechanical penis extender will increase penis length but not as much girth, while the penis enhancement pills work best to increase girth of the penis through increased blood flow during an erection. The makers of Zygain® Complete have combined these two systems into one, providing you with the penis extender and the Zygain® pills for the maximum amount of length and girth to your penis.

Men throughout the ages have seen and felt the advantages of having an enlarged penis. Even in ancient times, there is evidence that men hung weights from their penis in order to stretch out the tissue. Herbs were developed in traditional Chinese medicine that enhanced the blood flow to the penis so that the penis could fill the two chambers, called the corpus cavernosa, that fill with blood to cause a firm, erect penis.

In modern times, men still feel better and more virile with a long and thick penis. Up until recently, men with small penises have had to deal with the humiliation of being too short. Penis extender devices were developed that could add traction to the penis, allowing new cells to fill in the void caused by the traction, yielding permanent penis lengthening results. Herbal supplements have been developed that enhance the blood flow to the corpus cavernosa, yielding a greater girth to the penis but not many strides in penis length. What is needed is a complete system that both lengthens and thickens the penis during an erection.

The makers of Zygain® Complete penis extender system have this all figured out, using a combination of a penis extender and Zygain® Pills to combine efforts in gaining penis length and girth all at the same time. The penis extender is safe and comfortable to wear any time—while driving, at home and even at work. It provides just the right amount of tension on the penis so that the penis elongates. The cells divide to lengthen the penis and the results are permanent. The penis extender can lengthen the penis by as many inches as you like with results visible within a few weeks.

But the Zygain® Complete manufacturers recognized that just lengthening the penis is not enough. Men and women alike like the penis to have some thickness as well. This is where the Zygain® Pills come in handy. They contain herbs derived from centuries of traditional Chinese medicine—herbs that are known to enhance the blood flow to the penis during an erection so the penis is both longer and thicker. Men feel more virile in the bedroom and women experience greater satisfaction when the man has a better, stronger erection with a penis long enough to fill her up. This makes for a better sex life.

While both products have the potential to change the size and shape of the penis alone, the makers of Zygain® Complete have the right idea. They have combined the benefits of a quality penis extender with Zygain® Pills that do double duty of lengthening and increasing the girth of the penis.

The Zygain® Complete penis enhancement system has been used by thousands of men, many of which have sent in positive testimonials, even men who have only used the products for a few weeks. They report better satisfaction with the sex act and more enjoyment for their sexual partners. The Androextender® device has been clinically shown by real doctors who have recommended the device to their patients. The Zygain® Pills are backed by centuries of traditional Chinese medicine experts.

There are many benefits from using the Zygain® Complete penis extender system. The product works in two ways—by providing you with a comfortable and safe Androextender® penis lengthening device and Zygain® Pills that enhance the thickness of the penis during the erection. The available space for blood flow is created by the extender and the pills maximize the blood flow to the longer penis, making the erection harder and thicker. The makers of the product know that you will gain partial effects from using either component of the system but provide you with both components for a maximal effect. You simply wear the extender and take one pill a day and your penis will enlarge within a few weeks’ time.

There are many pros to using the Zygain® Complete penis extender system. The product addresses both the length and the girth of the penis for longer and thicker erections that are both satisfying to the man and woman during the sex act. There are many products out there that use either the penis extender or the penis enhancement pills; however, the makers of Zygain® Complete know that these mechanisms work synergistically to offer you both penis lengthening and penis hardness with a greater girth in the same all-natural system.

The Zygain® Complete system has few cons. The penis extender is safe and effective but can only be purchased using an online portal. The pills are recommended to increase the blood flow and therefore the girth and hardness of the erection but, because they act on the blood pressure, the pills are not recommended for men with high blood pressure unless your doctor approves you to take the supplement. Men should be healthy enough for sex in order to use the system, which is what all penis extender sites should be telling you.

The makers of Zygain® Complete offer you the opportunity to purchase just the penis extender device, just the pills or patches containing medicinal herbs that support blood flow to the penis. The patches are applied every three days and are offered to men who prefer patches over pills. You can purchase the complete system with just a month’s supply of pills but you can get more savings if you purchase more pills or patches at a time. The total amount you’ll pay for a year’s supply of pills or patches is about $290 dollars—a significant savings over purchasing the product one month at a time.

The company offers you a 6 month (180 day) full refund of the product’s price if you don’t experience any gains in penis length and girth, starting from the date of purchase. As the product begins to work within a few weeks and works as time goes on, you have plenty of time to see that the Zygain® Complete system is going to work for you. The return policy is simple and you can enjoy a long risk-free trial time before making your decision.


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