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Independent SizeGenetics Review

SizeGenetics™ is a medically-proven device that has the ability to extend the length of your penis and can correct a micro-penis syndrome or Peyronie’s disease, which is a curvature of the penis that interferes with satisfaction during sex. It works completely comfortably, putting gentle traction on the penis so that the corpus cavernosa (the part of the penis associated with getting a long and strong erection) is gradually enlarged, adding inches to your penis length.

Many men are secretly dissatisfied with their penis size. They feel they cannot satisfy their partner enough in the bedroom and they feel embarrassed to show their small penis to anyone. Other men suffer from Peyronie’s disease, which is curving of the penis. A curved penis can be uncomfortable when erect and can damage the sex act. Still other men suffer from having a micro-penis, one that can be as short as 2 inches long. It can be difficult to satisfy your sexual partner with such a short penis.

What you really need is a device that can lengthen and thicken the penis naturally and safely. There are devices out there that you can wear on your penis to safely and gradually enlarge your penis size, straightening it out in the process. Such devices are a medicine-free way to enhance penis size that lasts a lifetime. No longer do you have to be embarrassed by your performance in the sex act when using one of these devices.

SizeGenetics™ is an excellent penis enhancement device that is safe to use and that has been shown by research to increase the length of the penis without any discomfort. SizeGenetics™ works by applying 2,800 grams of tension on the penis completely comfortably. It causes micro tears in the blood-filling corpus cavernosa so that they heal using more cellular structure in the healing process. More cellular structure translates into having a longer, stronger penis that doesn’t go back to the size it once was. SizeGenetics™ is like body building for the penis.

The device uses proven 3M technology for a comfortable fit for any penis size and it provides 50 percent more tension on the penis than other penis extenders on the market. The device has been medically tested in many research studies which have shown actual penis enlargement after just a brief time of use. You can use it to gain inches in your penis just by wearing the device throughout your daily activities. You may even forget you have it on—it is that comfortable!

The SizeGenetics™ device has been scientifically tested by doctors and researchers throughout the world, which show that the device actually enhances the length of the penis. This translates to better confidence in the sex act and in better female satisfaction. The company that makes this product has made use of world famous 3M technology to enhance the comfort of the device. The website for SizeGenetics™ displays many positive testimonials and success stories by men who have used the device. It is a device that has been approved by the FDA, the governing body for medications and medical devices. You can’t get a better endorsement than one coming from the US FDA. The product has also been endorsed by Dr. Jorn Siana and by Dr. Finn Knudsen.

The SizeGenetics™ device doesn’t require taking any pills and instead mechanically increases the size of your penis by wearing it. It has a tubular design that fits any size penis and works right away to begin to enhance your penis size. It is perfectly comfortable to wear under your clothing and can be worn safely for a long period of time. For men who don’t trust medicine or herbal remedies for penis enhancement or who haven’t had any success with these other products should find much better success with the SizeGenetics™ device. The device works steadily over a period of time so that you can begin to see progress in penis length after just a few weeks. It provides about 2,800 grams of traction on the penis, which is 50 percent more traction than its competitors.

The SizeGenetics™ device offers many pros. It is comfortable to wear and safe to wear for prolonged periods of time. It works on any size penis to enlarge it and it does so without using medications or herbal supplements. Because it is a medical device, it has FDA backing and the backing of many research studies showing its effectiveness. It even comes with a money back guarantee that makes it risk-free to try. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back. Unlike herbal supplements and medications, it can correct a curved penis and is useful for men who have a micro penis.

The only con of the SizeGenetics™ is that it is only available on the Internet. It arrives to your home in discreet packaging and you can start using it right away to enhance the size of your penis. It’s a perfectly private way to increase penis length without drugs or supplements.

The company has two different offers. You can simply purchase the device and directions for around $200. Alternatively, you can also get the SizeGenetics™ Ultimate System, which sells for around $400 and comes with many great perks. You get the device with its 58 way comfort system, an MDA multi-directional head piece and 3M-supplied comfort plasters along with many spare parts. They give you Traction Plus powder for comfort as well as some Revita cream aftercare moisturizing cream. You get immediate access to the PenisHealth online access point and a DVD called the LoveCentria Online Better Sex DVD. The instructions come on a DVD and they provide you with eBooks on seduction and sexual fitness. The Ultimate package comes with cleaning wipes and a deluxe leather case. The leather case comes with a lock and key so no one can know what you are doing with the device; a travel case is supplied as well.

Perhaps the best offer from the makers of SizeGenetics™ is that, if you send in your testimonial after using the product complete with before and after photos of its success, you can get up to $398.95 back on your purchase. That means getting a free device just for your opinion on using the SizeGenetics™ device.

The SizeGenetics™ device comes with an excellent money back guarantee. This means that if you have used the device for a minimum of four months and are not completely satisfied, you can return the product within 180 days (six months) to get a full refund. The company is so confident that you will increase the length of your penis that it can provide this amazing money back guarantee.

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