A Comprehensive SizeGenetics VS X4Labs Review

There are innumerable penis extenders to choose from. However, SizeGenetics and X4Labs are surely among the best in the market because of their high quality and effectiveness. If you are looking for an enlarged penis, X4Labs and SizeGenetics is the answer. You can get the desired penis size with the help of these devices. The SizeGenetics system consists of the device, penis enlargement exercises, et cetera. 

Level of comfort and safety in usage 

X4Labs extender has a comfortable harness and a dual comfort strap known as dual Velcro fastener. This is also useful in avoiding slippage. On the other hand, SizeGenetics extender doesn't come with promises to prevent slippage during usage due to flexibility of the device at various angles. This is known as multi-directional angling. The especially designed 58-way comfort system offers 58 different options to customers so that they can adjust it according to their comfort. 

SizeGenetics Device

X4Labs Device

How much time is needed for permanent gain in penis size? 

According to extensive research on our part and based on customer reviews and testimonials, the estimated time for permanent gain is up to seven months for X4Labs. As for SizeGenetics, our study shows that it may take up to 5-6 months. Thus, SizeGenetics took lesser time for achieving permanent gain. 

Media promotions 

Both X4Labs and SizeGenetics have been medically backed by experts. However, SizeGenetics has been featured on TV shows and magazines. It has been reviewed on a big platform. 

In fact, GQ magazine published a detailed article on SizeGenetics. For research purposes, Journalist James Mullinger tried the device for a few weeks and it increased his penis size by 1/2 inches! Also, SizeGenetics is in line for Male Product of the Year conducted by an international magazine. 


X4Labs extender offers 4 packages, each device having different features and come in various price ranges. For the premium extender, the price range is from £57.77 to £ 254.50. 

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SizeGenetics offers 3 packages, each having one certified medical device, various accessories and bonus items according to the price. The price range is from £128.97 to £249.50 (top ultimate system). 


Both X4Labs and SizeGenetics provide international shipping. X4Labs is shipped from Canada and reaches UK in 7-10 days in accordance with the custom. SizeGenetics has distribution centers in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. The shipping and delivery takes just about 2-3 days. 

Money back guarantee 

Both X4Labs and SizeGenetics offer money refund guarantee of 6 months or 180 days to the customers. As for the product warranty, X4Labs provide 5 years to lifetime. 

Conclusion: which is better? 

The design, working and high-quality of X4Labs and SizeGenetics is more or less similar. Therefore, it is tough to pick one out of them. It entirely depends on one's personal preference. 

However, SizeGenetics has an edge over X4Labs and other male enhancement products in the market. SizeGenetics offers the following benefits to its users. 

  • It is currently the #1 penis extender in the market and has been for over 16 years. There are over 80,000 happy and satisfied users. 
  • Medically certified and recommended by doctors. 
  • Offers a 58 way comfort system so you can wear it for a longer duration with more comfort. This will get you quicker and better results. 
  • Real before and after testimonials with photographs. 
  • It was featured in the popular GQ magazine. 
  • Helpful and 24/7 available customer support and online member's forum. 
  • Provides 6-month refund policy and 2 year product guarantee. 

After this comparison, it is safe to say that SizeGenetics is our natural choice as it is very effective. It also helps in preventing discomfort, irritation and unpleasant situations. It offers credible, reputed and high-quality services. It also provides the best after-sale customer services. Overall, it is an amazing product.

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