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Is there a need for a bigger penis?

Let us make it clear for you. If you are small in height, then it is likely that you have a penis of normal size. The average size of the erect penis is between four to six inches and having a circumference of four to six inches. But the difference can be noticed when the penis is in the flaccid state. So, this means that a man who looks big in the locker room will not have a bigger penis in the erect state and similarly, a short guy can lengthen his penis respectively.

Secondly, if you persist that you are small in size, even though the measurement states otherwise, then you are suffering from penile dysmorphic disorder. This is similar to those people who are anorexics and think that they are fat no matter how slim they become. According to a report, most of the males who underwent penile enhancement surgery suffer from penile dysmorphic disorder and that they are least satisfied with the outcome as well.

According to Karen Elizabeth ( MD, Assistant Professor of Urology and Director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, those males who have normal penis length but believe that it is still small can be benefited by consulting a psychiatrist rather than a surgeon.

Here, you will find a few articles if you are keen to have a big penis.

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The penis enhancement is totally possible no matter what information the experts may tell you. But you need to properly follow all the enclosed instructions with your products for your penis enlargement and be patient to experience the results. The penis enlargement does not occur overnight, you will definitely achieve it with time.

But you need to remember that your penile size is of significant concern for you. If you think that is small, consider enlarging it. But if you believe to change it to impress others or to be like others, then you need to think again.