Penis Enlargement – Natural Methods Vs Devices

Men started enhancing their manhood from as early as 1900s, first using vacuum pumps and advancing with the invention of better performing devices and pills and also carrying out surgeries to achieve the size and shape of the penis they desire.

It is recorded in history that men in the ancient Egypt carried out exercises to increase their penises while those in ancient China also used herbs to make their manhood bigger. The male enhancement industry has really grown rapidly, with the aid of technology.

Many manufacturers are working tirelessly to ensure that they produce legitimate devices that have undergone testing and proven to produce desired sizes and shapes. Men who want to have a bigger dick have to choose between the modern devices and the natural remedies that have been in use since time immemorial.

The use of natural methods was done very early in ancient Egypt. The men of those days used the traditional methods of elongating their penises. A tiny rock was made to hang on the penis by use of a string. This method is borrowed in modernity by men who use jelqing exercises to make their manhood bigger.

Jelqing first began in Arabia, although it uses the same principle as the Egyptian use of a string and small pebbles or rocks. Jelqing strokes the penis and just like the Egyptian way, is the most reliable and the effective way to achieve increase in length.

Apart from the natural methods to increase the length, there are other remedies that help achieve a wider girth. The herbal supplements responsible for an increased width trace their origin to China. When these herbal supplements are taken, the blood flow to the penis is increased thus filling up the cells and penile tissues thus an increase in girth will be noticed.

There were also special rings that were used in the olden times to increase the thickness of the dick. These ancient practices provided some knowledge to the development of more complex and advanced devices for increasing the girth.

Male enhancement devices began to put in use at the end of 1800s. The researchers made sure that the devices were fit for human use and that they were friendly, not to harm the dick. As compared to the ancient methods, the devices delivered results after a shorter time, were easy to use and were quite effective.

After invention, the enhancement devices became very popular because of the fact that a user couldn’t strain much before he got the targeted results. As time goes by, more devices that are an improvement of the past are made available in the market. These new devices require lesser efforts from the user, lesser time and more improved gains.

The choice largely depends on what a man prefers to use to enlarge his member, whether he will settle for the natural method or use the complex method that produces greater gains in less time and minimal efforts from the user.

While the older methods take a longer time but still produce effective results, the modern devices take a shorter time and the results are more appealing. The choice depends on what a user wants, given that both methods deliver good results.

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