The Five Things First Time Penis Traction Users Should Know

Male enhancement has been there since time immemorial; those ancient times people suspended stones on their manhood without the slightest idea that was traction. Aside from traction, other methods have been used to enlarge the manhood since the olden times. Worldwide, there is a trace of enhancement methods used earlier as well as the ones used in modernity.

All these are attributed to the fact that most men all over would like a larger manhood that in turn will impact positively on the performance in bed. With many devices for enlarging one’s member invented, gaining an inch or two and a thicker penis has been made very easy. A first time user of these devices has to be enlightened before the use of traction devices, specifically, is put in place. The following are the five things a first-time penis traction user should know;

It is crucial to let your partner aware of your plan to consider penis traction

When planning to use the traction devices, one’s significant other should be made aware of the exercise before its onset. This aims at cutting down quarrels and misunderstanding that might crop when a partner is left in the dark. The traction devices work by pulling the dick slightly for a certain period consistently. It bases its working on science that a change in size will be noticed after the elapse of that given period due to sustained pressure.

During such a period, one will feel a slight pain and having an intercourse might be impossible. Therefore, the partner needs to know why the man is not getting into the act. Also, traction works very well at night. This is because of fewer disturbances to the working of the device when one is sleeping. So, hiding from the partner is not possible.

Stretching may come with little pains

It is obvious that there is no gain without pain and the same saying applies to the use of traction devices. When the pressure is exerted on the manhood during pulling, a slight pain which reduces with time will be felt. While gaining an extra length, one needs to be aware that some aches and pains will accompany the gains. The pain is not unbearable, and the goodness is that it lessens with time. The use of traction devices also is accompanied by increased sensitivity which reduces with time.

Patience is the key to excellent results

Patience is a factor as far as the use of traction device is concerned. Modifying one’s body part using such a device is bound to take a long time before the results are noticed. The straps are moved a short distance after healing of the previous site has been felt to reduce straining, spraining and tearing of the cells in the dick. Rushing to achieve length might cause permanent damage to the penis.

One may experience an increased penis sensitivity

It is said that the manhood becomes hypersensitive when using the traction devices and a while longer after one stop using the device. This will mean that one’s positions and styles of having sex will change. This is because sensitivity might result in premature ejaculation. Changing the position and style is a factor in curbing the arising problem.

The devices will only give reasonable results

Lastly, men in the quest for a larger member need to know that devices don’t give much, like other companies advertise. A traction device increases the penis but not more than two inches from the original size.

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