Increasing Penis Size With Stretching

The size of a penis determines a lot of things in a man’s sex life. It can affect the self-esteem of a man, it can affect a man’s ego and determine the quality of sex. Increasing the size of the penis has become extremely relevant for any man experiencing issues with bedroom performance.

With a bigger penis, a man is able to satisfy his female partner well in bed. A bigger penis helps during vaginal penetration and is associated with increased g-spot stimulation as a result of an increased contact between the penis and the vaginal walls.

Stretching has been discovered by scientists to help increase the size of the penis permanently. It is normally applied through the use of a penis extender device. When the penis is stretched, it is forced to become longer in length than its normal length.

This forced increase in length comes with consequences on the shaft of the penis which includes the formation of micro tears. These tears may not be visible to the naked eye. The formed tears signal the body to stimulate the growth of new cells to help in the recovery of damaged cells and growth of the divided cells.

Apart from enlarging the penis through stimulating the process of cell division, stretching also helps pull the penile ligaments outwards which cause the penile shaft to hang more on the outside. This also increases the size of the penis.

Stretching, furthermore, helps treat the disorder of a curved penis. Men suffering from the Peyronie’s disease can simply apply the process of stretching on their penises through the use of a penis extender device to straighten their curved penises.

A penis extender device is the most recommended device for stretching the penis. It is specially designed and scientifically and medically tested for effectiveness and safety. The device comprises of parts such as the basal ring, strap, cradle, noose and extender rods. These help in keeping the penis in place and initiating the stretch. The device is adjustable to fit various penis sizes.

When stretching the penis through the use of a penis extender, you should ensure that you are following the instructions that come with the manual correctly. Penis extenders can be useful and dangerous at the same time. It majorly depends on how you handle your extender device. Besides, you should keep in mind the required amount of time you should stretch your penis. Overstretching can harm your penis.

On the other hand, under stretching could not give you the results you are looking for. The recommended amount of time for stretching when using a penis extender device should be four to six hours per day. This should be followed meticulously while consistently adhering to the stretching process.

Typically, the stretching process is considered safe since it is a natural way of increasing the size of the penis. It is not responsible for the adverse effects within the internal organs of the body. In the event one messes with a penis extender or use the wrong penis extender, his penis is the only body part that is likely to suffer and not the other internal organs. However, the penis extender side effects are uncommon making stretching one of the best ways of increasing the penis size.

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