Danger – The Essential Guide To Knowing When To Stop Wearing Your Penis Extender

Even though wearing a penis extender is not that complicated, putting it on in the wrong way can be a danger to your penis. Some men have ended up losing it all instead of benefiting from the use of a penis extender device.

Typically, a penis extender needs to be put on for a period of at least four hours to maximize the results. One should be aware of when to stop using the extender device following a period of stretching. This can help reduce the chances of causing damage to the penis. You can know when to stop by considering the following;

Main danger

Usually, the main danger is characterized by the risk of interrupting the flow of blood to the head of your penis. An interruption in the supply of blood may not become visible immediately until it becomes too late. Normally, a problem in the penis arises in form of a slight discomfort that can easily be ignored if one is not careful enough.

The supply of blood to the penis is essential for the growth of penile cells as well as achieving erections. If blood fails to reach the penis, the penile cells may die due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. A poor supply of blood to the penis can be as a result of using a wrong penis extender device or using the extender device for too long, which may inhibit the normal functioning of the penile cells. The death of the penile cells will mean that your penis will have to be amputated as it will be useless. Imagine living without your penis? Your sex life can be affected adversely.

Propped blood vessels

Blood vessels help supply blood to the penis. The presence of propped blood vessels is a sign of danger. It may indicate that the circulation of blood has been cut off. When the supply of blood is cut off, blood is forced to flow towards the blockage which results in an influx of blood.

An influx of blood is dangerous and may lead to bursts to release the over accumulated blood. You can identify burst blood vessels by looking at the colors portrayed. The presence of brown and red in shades and tones that vary in the regions covered by the extender strap or loop can be a good sign.

Minor discomfort

Most penis extender devices that cause minor discomfort are of poor quality. A minor discomfort may come with a strange feeling. In the event you notice this unusual feeling, you should stop using the penis extender device immediately. Minor discomfort may not be very serious until the damage becomes noticeable. So it is advisable to take precaution as soon as you feel things are not okay.

Instant pain

Sometimes, you can put on an extender device only to feel a sharp pain within a few minutes of use. This is a sign that your penis extender device is substandard. The best way to avoid this danger is by abandoning the ineffective device and getting yourself a new penis extender device from a reputable source.

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