How Stretching Is The Foundation For Traction?

Traction refers to the use of certain amount of force using braces, screws, struts, rods and springs or a combination of any of these to hold any part of the body like the penis in a certain position that is a little different from its natural state in the bid to stretch it thus elongating it and thickening it thereby increasing its current size.

Stretching can be carried out in different parts of the body in varied instances. Traction is applicable in correcting bone structures, treat deformities of the bones, rectifying firm muscles, tendons and joints as well as decreasing pain before an operation is carried out.

Stretching is used in healthcare facilities to help in correcting broken limbs and joints by holding the leg in the required positions. The principle of traction, therefore, acts on the leg when the patient is lying in bed and its use ranges from the ordinary cast to more sophisticated machines in the hospital.

Apart from the cast, traction can also be applied on the bone mostly the femur or the bone on the thigh by putting a wire, screw or a pin on the affected bone then aligned to the correct position by use of weights. The process is painful and, therefore, anesthesia should first be administered.

Traction is also used when plastic or medical surgery is carried out on any part of the body. The principle assists in the modification of the body part in acquiring the targeted look. The part that is being operated on will adapt to the position it is aligned to with time hence it will have been adapted permanently to the new position. The force applied during traction is determined whether the exercise is the only option for the affected part or if it is a preparation for a more complex process.

In cosmetics, traction principle is also used in ears by placing a ring on the ear after piercing thus enlarging the hole by making the earlobe round. The earlobe is very flexible thus continuous stretching using the ring will be noticed after a while.

The stretching exercise has also been used as a method of enhancing one’s manhood by using penis extenders. These devices were initially invented to help in rectifying the abnormal curvatures on the penis most commonly referred to as Peyronie's disease. The stretchers apply traction on the bend thus straightening it after consistent usage. In the process of healing the curvature, a discovery in the permanent increase in length was made. The penis extender is made of a base that goes around the penis and the manhood is the stretched with the help of straps, screws, rods or springs. The strapping or the belts aid in traction by offering a pull on the manhood. The change in size is achieved as a result of the natural growth of cells through cell division.

Stretching and traction can also be performed on the soft tissues like muscles on the skin. Bandages, splints or tapes are placed on the damaged part then the weights are tied to it then traction is achieved by the use of a pulley system that is tied to the bed. A slight force is applied to prevent further damage to the skin. The procedure is used to give stability to the fractured bone before surgery is carried out.

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