Tips And Tricks For Wearing A Penis Extender In Public

Penis extenders are devices that work by traction on the penis. The user fixes the extender on his manhood to pull it such that an increase in length and the girth is realized after some months of consistent wearing. The device pulls the sensory ligaments that are loosely placed inside the member thus resulting in an enlarged penile shaft.

Since the device is externally fixed on the penis, males worry that it might not be appropriate to put it on during the day when running errands such as going to a workplace. However, penis extenders are nowadays designed well to suit wearing even during the day in public spots.

An individual can put on a penis extender device in any position he prefers; be it when standing, lying back or when sitting. The extender device does not limit a user to a specific position on the condition that it is correctly fixed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Any position guarantees the same results. In case one feels uncomfortable with the extender device in a certain position, he is advised to remove it so as to avoid causing damage to his manhood.

When wearing a penis extender during the day in public, it is recommended that one puts on clothes that are loose fitting so that the device cannot be exposed. Baggy pants ensure that there is no indecent exposure of the device which may break the law governing privacy. Tight clothes, on the other hand, may expose the penis extender in public. They may also cause discomfort by squeezing the device and turns out to be very embarrassing in a case where people are watching.

Vigorous exercises such as gym sessions, working on a construction site, playing soccer among others can be straining with an extender on. One should not wear it when undergoing such exercises as they pose risks on the penis and could cause long-term damage to it. One should also avoid exercises that cause falling, for instance, putting the device on when playing a game like soccer. If you fall with the stretcher on, serious injuries could be sustained which could be corrected through an operation.

While the extenders can be worn at the comfort of one’s home, users who have a demanding schedule have to fix it when going to work since they lack time after work to enlarge their penises. Care should be taken, however, not to elongate the time for wearing an extender device as this will increase the time taken by the microscopic tears to heal thus an increased time in realizing the enlargement results.

The extender made of a strenuous strap can be very uncomfortable when worn for long hours hence a recommendation to be put on for a short period of time. Wearing such low-quality penis extenders may lead to a poor supply of blood to the manhood thereby resulting in the death of penile tissues. With factors such as clothing put into consideration, one can enlarge his manhood anytime anywhere.

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