Homemade Penis Extension Device

The use of a penis extender is one of the medically and scientifically proven methods of enlarging the penis. Many men are reaping benefits from the use of this device. This is making penis extenders more popular day by day with many men desiring to have a taste of this amazing enlargement device.

Most penis extenders are accessible through purchase which can be done either online or offline. However, in some cases, a penis extender can be costly to afford. Besides, there are times when your budget gets tight that you can’t manage to include a penis extender in it. The good news is that you can now create your homemade penis extender at home and use it to enlarge your penis without digging dip into your pockets.

A homemade penis extender device is made up of the readily available materials that are easy to assemble. Some of the materials required include a belt, theraband and a string. The process of assembling the homemade penis extension device should be followed carefully so as to ensure optimum results and protect the penis from damage.

When making a homemade penis extender device, you should first get yourself an ordinary belt. The purpose of this belt is to offer support where the other parts of the homemade penis extender will get attached to. The belt will be worn on the waist directly on your skin. Therefore, a lot of caution needs to be taken to minimize the chances of discomfort. You can either choose a leather belt or a nylon belt depending on what you are more comfortable with.

After picking out your most preferred belt, it is time to put it on around your waist. This step is then followed by gripping the head of the penis. This includes the top of the shaft and the glans. You will, therefore, have to use something to grasp the upper part of your penis. This should allow for the penis to be pulled with ease to create the stretch. A Theraband exercise band is the most recommended material that can be used during this process.

Having picked out your desirable Theraband, gently wrap it around your upper penis shaft and glans. You should maintain a reasonable pressure so as to grip the upper penis well. After wrapping the Theraband correctly around your penis, you will have to secure it properly. This will be achieved by wrapping a string around the Theraband many times in an evenly spaced manner. After a minimum of 5 wrappings around the penis shaft and the Theraband, tie a knot while leaving some thread available.

After putting the Theraband in place and all is in order with a desirable pressure, it is time to connect the gripping mechanism to the belt. In this case, you will have to pull your penis downwards between your legs. To prevent any interference, you will have to pull your penis to the right or left of your testicles and scrotum.

Having achieved a more comfortable posture, consider pulling your penis in between your butt cheeks as you come up towards the belt surrounding your waist. After that, go ahead and use the leftover string which you have used to surround the Theraband and tie it to your belt’s back surrounding your waist. Having conducted all the above-mentioned steps correctly, you will have successfully made a homemade penis extender.

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