Do Penis Extenders Fit All Sizes?

Penis extenders have evolved over the past many years where it was hard for some men to find the type of extender device that fits them perfectly. This is because the old penis extender devices were made in a one-size-fits-all design hence it was impossible to adjust the device. In the present times, penis extenders have undergone a great transition in their design.

The new design is aimed at improving comfort, fitting all penis sizes and enhancing the safety of the penis. In order to ensure that these new types of penis extender perform perfectly as expected, they have been furnished with high-end components that enhance the experience of the user. Some of the modified parts include the extender rods, silicon noose and the comfort strap.

Adjustable extender rods

The modern penis extender devices are made of high-end adjustable extender rods that allow for maximum adjustment to fit various lengths of the penis. Most old penis extenders had issues with length adjustment as some would only be adjusted a little thereby making it difficult for those who had longer penises or shorter penises than the estimated length the extender device to use.

In most cases, those whose lengths differed significantly from the average sizes were forced to look for the penis extenders that could fit them well. The latest adjustable extender rods enable great adjustments to be done hence can be used by every man without the fear of mismatch.

Silicon noose

The traditional noose was good until men started complaining of some hardness that could affect comfort. Nowadays, the traditional noose has been made softer to enable men to go for more hours without feeling uncomfortable about enlarging their penises. The silicon noose has the ability to fit all penis sizes perfectly without squeezing.

Comfort strap

There are some cases when you may need to go outing. However, the rule of penis enlargement demands that you use your penis extender consistently for optimum results. Therefore, you may be forced to travel with your extender. The modern penis extenders are designed with a comfort strap that helps prevent the slippage of the penis. Furthermore, the comfort strap applies the process of traction in a bigger surface area.

Comfort technology

This is where the new penis extenders beat the old ones. This amazing feature enables the user of a penis extender to apply his extender device in 16 different ways while maintaining comfort. It is composed of three components: first, the protection pad makes sure that there is a comfortable attachment of the noose and the strap. Second, there is a latex head grip made of fabric cover which protects the head from rubbing on the strap. Rubbing can be irritating and painful. Third, there is a non-slip Pro-tech matt strap protecting the penis from slipping.

Penis extenders can be used by all men regardless of their penis sizes. Innovation has significantly improved the user experience whereby anyone can use a penis extender device without feeling pain or discomfort. For those who are suffering from the Peyronie’s disease, the new penis extenders are the ideal remedy to consider.

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