Breaking Down The Double Strap Support Penis Extender

Are you dissatisfied with your penis extender device? Well, your device might be having some issues to do with comfort. Comfort is one of the key issues that are considered when purchasing a penis extender. Manufacturers have various ways of improving the comfort of penis extender devices.

These include the use of light-weight materials and the double strap support. The double strap penis extender is a new invention that intends to boost comfort for the penis extender users in order to enable them to use the device for a longer duration.

A double strap penis extender is considered unique among other types of penis extenders because of its number of support straps, which are two. Typically, a common penis extender comprises only of one support strap. This is the main difference between a single-strap penis extender and a double-strap penis extender. Other components are usually similar and function in a similar manner.

For any penis extender device user to achieve optimum results from the use of the device, he should be able to use the extender device for the required amount of time. Penis extenders are usually recommended for use for a period of about four to six hours on a daily basis. Up to six hours may not be possible for some penis extenders, especially, those made of the single strap support.

This is because as the penis continues to be held in position during the stretching period, slight pains begin to develop which may increase as time elapses making the user to feel uncomfortable. The double strap reduces the chances of this case occurring by offering improved support that minimizes the pain thereby making it possible for the user to stretch his manhood for longer hours.

Furthermore, the double strap support system provides a good grip on the penis. This is based on the principle of two being better than one. Two support straps are more likely to offer a perfect grip than one as they tend to increase the surface area of contact.

The normal penis extenders having a single support strap have the challenge of losing the grip thereby resulting in the slippage of the penis. With a double strap support penis extender, there are minimal chances of the penis slipping off the device.

The double strap penis extender brags exceptionally light-weight materials that make them more portable and comfortable to use. Typically, these extender devices are made of aluminum, which is considered the lightest medical grade material. Also, aluminum offers an additional benefit of resisting rust. Portability of the double strap penis extender device enables it to be used anywhere thereby maximizing the output.

Sweating is a common challenge faced by penis extender users. Sweat usually accumulates while using the extender device as a result of the continued stretching and enclosure. Sweating can result in the formation of bacteria and fungi on a penis extender device when not cleaned properly and regularly.

This can subsequently cause skin irritation among other bacterial infections when used on the penis. The double strap support system is skillfully designed with enough breathing spaces to allow sufficient circulation of air that help reduce the chances of evaporation thereby making it difficult for sweat to accumulate.

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