Penis Extender Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs Revealed

The penis is a unique and flexible part of the body that should be handled with extreme care. When it is your first time using the device, it is important to learn about its correct use to avoid overstretching which could harm your penis or damage the nerves as a result of poor blood circulation. The mistakes should be avoided so as to cut down the time wasted and to avoid the risk of having a permanent injury. Avoiding mistakes also enable the user to achieve the desired results. Some of the mistakes include;

Stretching the penis for too long in a day

Most penis extender device users do this with the hope that a long stretching will give them the expected gains faster. This isn’t the case since cellular growth contains a ceiling that is limited by a number of hormones found in the body. Stretching brings about growth by creating micro tears. The body responds by stimulating the growth of more cells to occupy the gaps created. Stretching for long hours does not give the body enough time to carry out the repair.

Failing to be consistent in the stretching game

When you fail to be consistent, you fail to achieve results. It is, therefore, important to have and stick to a routine for you to achieve noticeable results. Developing a routine that becomes part of you and making it as simple as possible is one way of killing the spirit of failing to reach to your target. Avoid having excuses for inconsistency and get up to the task.

Failing to differentiate between a “normal” and an “abnormal” pain

Using a penis extender is sometimes accompanied by pain and it’s important to be clear on whether the pain is normal or it is extreme. Some of the normal things to experience during stretching include; rashes, which should go away after sometimes, burning sensations that are mild and discomforts that shouldn’t last for more than an hour.

You should, on the other hand, smell danger with such experiences as, sharp and very intense pains in the penis ligaments and pain that lasts for over 24 hours with no sign of reducing. The abnormal pain will require a specialist.

Using penile extenders while asleep

This is yet another grave mistake people make in the name of multitasking. By using the extenders while asleep, you will not be in a position to monitor your body’s condition. When you are asleep, the body’s detection senses gets impaired. The device may slip off thereby interrupting the stretching. You won’t get the results you expect. On the other hand, the device might not slip off thereby allowing you to stay with it for a whole night. This may result in overstretching and you might end up hurting your precious penis.

There are many companies selling penis extenders today. Unfortunately, not all the penis extenders give quality results expected. With the popularity gained by this device, many companies are now taking advantage of the situation to produce poor quality unreliable penis extenders. Therefore, to ensure that you maximize the benefits of using a penis extender device, take your time to look out for the best extender brands in the market, which are also medically recommended as effective and safe.

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