Five Red Flags To Look For When Reading Penis Extender Reviews

Before one buys an extender, he should find out what people say in the articles about the device on the internet. The reviews help a person know whether a certain extender is what he needs to enlarge his manhood. Genuine companies allow the user to give honest opinions about their products after given discounted or free samples for testing.

After using the product and feeling satisfied, a customer will then post good reviews about the product and the company manufacturing it. However, bogus companies will hire individuals to post positive reviews about their products without giving them a chance to test whether they really work and give the best results. One has to be cautious about the honesty of a review by finding out the difference between the genuine and the fake ones. The red flags to look for include:

Reviews focusing on positives only

One needs to be aware of the reviews that focus on the awesomeness of a penis extender without highlighting some of the problems encountered when using it. A good review focuses both on the positives and the negatives. A review from a bogus company will praise its product without mentioning the disadvantages that come with it. After all, such a person is paid to market the product by focusing on the amazing things that come with the product and not the negativity.

A brief review that is full of errors

According to the reviewers from fake companies, time is money. They will, therefore, scribble notes very fast about penis extenders and their performance. These notes are usually very short and substandard in the sense that they will be full of spelling errors, as well as unreadable sentences. The writers are only interested in writing many reviews for money.

Mentions the name of the product monotonously

A trick has been used by bogus penis extender reviewers whereby the name of an extender is mentioned severally when writing about it. They write the full name all the time so that in case one searches the product online, it will be found easily. This presents itself as a warning that the review is not genuine.

Few results got by a search engine

A true review will appear more than once in different websites. Such a post will be written by different writers who have used the product. A fake review on penis extenders on the other hand, when searched on the internet will give maybe one post by one writer. The legitimacy of such a post needs to be investigated because there is no way a product available in the market will have been used only by one person.

Repetition of same content in different reviews

When a search on the reviews is done on the penis extenders, one might come across many reviews whose content is similar. This could happen as a result of a fake reviewer copying the information from the companies’ website and not actually after using the product, as it is supposed to be. This gives a warning that the review could be as fake as the writer who claims to have used the extender.

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