Conditions Which Can Be Helped By Penis Extenders

Penis extenders play a significant role in the lives of men. Apart from enlarging the penis, this device also helps treat various penis conditions that normally trouble a man’s sex life. Many men are now considering the use of a penis extender to meet their bedroom goals and improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. The following conditions can be helped by penis extenders;

Penile curvature

Penile curvature is a condition in which the penis is slightly bent. This condition is usually caused by the formation of a fibrous scar tissue in the deep tissues of the penis. Penile curvature can occur unprompted or as a result of previous injuries of the penis. This condition, however, is not serious as compared to the Peyronie’s disease that is known for the extreme bending of the penis.

A man with a penile curvature can still indulge in sexual intercourse as much as he desires. Nevertheless, some men find any bending of the penis (whether slight or extreme) very uncomfortable and embarrassing. The penis extender device can be used to correct the condition of penile curvature by straightening the penis through the traction process.

Peyronie’s disease

The Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which the penis is extremely bent making it hard and painful to indulge in sexual intercourse. In some cases, erections can be very painful. This condition is normally caused by recurring penile injury, primarily during sex or physical activity.

A few men have been reported to suffer from the Peyronie’s disease. When a man suffers from this condition, he may feel embarrassed to indulge in sexual intercourse. Also, his self-esteem may reduce significantly. Penis extenders are now available for these kinds of men.

They can use this device to treat the Peyronie’s disease which is a fretting condition. The penis extender device works by stretching the penis through the process of traction. As the penis gets pulled, the extremely curved penis is forced to assume a straight shape, which becomes permanent after a longer duration of consistent pulling.


A micropenis is a small embarrassing penis. According to several studies, a majority of women don’t prefer being in a relationship with men possessing a micropenis. They defend this by citing poor sexual experience. Men are also not comfortable with a micropenis. However, this condition is not usually a man’s fault. In most cases, a man is born with this condition since it can be acquired from the genes of the parents.

A man possessing a micropenis may feel embarrassed to strip naked before his male friends as well as female friends. Also, it is difficult for a man having a micropenis to make his sexual partner reach an orgasm since this kind of penis offers less vaginal stimulation. Micropenis can be corrected through the use of a penis extender device.

This device can be used to increase the size of the penis to a size that is considered appreciable. It applies the use of traction that stretches the penis, which subsequently results in the formation of tears that are later filled with new cells.

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