Can A Penis Enlargement Device Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Penis enlargement devices were first invented so as to deal with issues concerning the size and shape of the penis. Men who felt that their penises were small went ahead to purchase the enlargement devices with the hope that their size issues could be solved. The devices such as penis extenders work amazingly well in adding some few inches and thickness to one’s penile shaft.

The use of penis enhancement devices has gained popularity lately because it comes with more gains than the user expected. Apart from enlarging one’s penis, a penile enhancement device is a remedy to sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and other conditions like the Peyronie’s disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition resulting from lifestyles such as excessive intake of alcohol, smoking, and intake of meals with a lot of salt and fats and as a result of other conditions such as diabetes. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by unintended effects of some treatments. One suffering from erectile dysfunction finds it hard to get an erection or rather make the erection last longer for the entire time he is having an intercourse.

Mild cases of erectile dysfunction can be rectified by changing one’s lifestyle that is minimizing drinking of alcohol, smoking and even adhering to the right proportions of salt and fats in the diet. Exercising also assists in correcting the problem because it will make one’s body to be fit physically.

The condition could, however, be persistent tracing its cause to mental instability or natural inability to maintain an erection. Medication for this condition is available although it is bound to take more time thus pushing the person to use penis enlargement device to correct the disorder since the result is almost immediate.

A vacuum pump is an enlargement device which gives double gains on the user especially if the person is suffering from erectile dysfunction. This device works by drawing blood to the penis when fixed thus causing hardening. Continuous usage of a vacuum pump will make the cells expand every time they are filled with blood thus increasing the thickness of the manhood.

Blood fills the penis immediately the device is fixed; hence causing an immediate erection which lasts for a short time after the device is removed. It has been discovered that the gains acquired from the consistent use of the vacuum pumps are permanent when used for a long period of time. Once the pump draws blood to the penis, the cock ring is then fixed so as to keep the penis engorged by trapping the blood upon the removal of the pump. The cock ring, therefore, assists in maintaining the erection that was brought about by the vacuum pump.

Penis extenders, on the other hand, use the principle of traction to help reduce the cases of mild dysfunction. The slight pulling of the penis increases the length of the penis and at the same time encouraging multiplication of cells through cell division.

The increased mass of cells will fill with blood when one gets an erection and given the number, the dick will be firmer and stronger hence solving the problem of erectile dysfunction. One, therefore, gets immediate remedy by using the penis enlargement devices as he is looking for sophisticated medication.

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