How To Make The Most Out Of Your Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device fixed on the penis to gain a permanent increase in size as well as correct the issues of shape. It works through traction whereby a slight pulling is made by the device thus triggering hyperplasia giving rise to an increase in length and girth. The device has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in executing its work.

The penis is pulled and stretching occurs for a longer period of time forcing the cells and the tissues in the penis to divide and replicate thereby multiplying the number of cells in the penis. A change in size will be noticed as a result of increased number of a mass of tissues and cells.

Traction devices are commonly of two types; the pulling extenders are made up of metallic rods on its sides and a strap that is used to hold the penis in position thus avoiding slipping during enlargement. The older device is composed of a rod a spring and a noose which helps in adjustment. Pulling is achieved by the rods and the spring system. In both extenders, the base of the penis is placed where the noose and strapping begins from and then stretching is carried out with the help of the spring and the straps respectively.

During the enlargement program, you may feel the urge to speed up the results. This is normal for any man. In this case, you can consider adopting other ways of improving your sex life as you wait for the enlargement program to give you the results you are looking for. Some of the things you can consider undertaking as you continue using your penis extender device include shifting to more convenient sex positions, working out and dancing.

Shifting to sex positions that improve the flow of blood to your penis and expose your penis more making it look bigger can help improve your sex life significantly. Proper flow of blood to the penis improves the quality of an erection making it harder and stronger. On the other hand, a good penile exposure allows for deep penetrations that make sex more pleasurable. The man-on-top-sex-positions are normally recommended for men looking to enhance the flow of blood to their penises. This position also allows for more penis exposure enabling more penile-vaginal contact during penetrations.

Working out helps you lose the belly fats, which is usually an obstacle during thrusting. By working out, you get to burn the belly fats perfectly. However, it is not a must that you achieve six packs for you to improve your thrusting and flexibility in bed. Just a little reduction of the fat level can help you improve your sex life.

Dancing is another way of making the most out of your penis extender. As you continue using the extender device, you can spare yourself some time to dance while you are alone at home. This will help you improve your flexibility, which is one of the factors that determine sexual virility and stamina. As you continue to dance, the rigidity of your body slowly goes away, which can help you improve your sex life.

The use of a penis extender is a good opportunity for you to maximize your sexual experience and performance. Therefore, you should at all times prioritize how to make the most out of it.

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