How Penis Extenders Differ – Revealed

A penis extender is a device that has been tested and medically proven to increase the girth and the length of the penis by stretching and adjusting. It does not involve any operation thus free from infections and complications that come with surgeries.

The device is placed at the edge of the penile shaft then supported using straps on both sides aiding stretching which, in turn, subjects the cells to straining hence multiplication of cells. This process causes an increase in length and thickness of the manhood. With so many extenders in the market, there is a difference in design, mode of attachment and the quality of materials used in the manufacture of the penis extenders.

Good quality extenders deliver the best results because they stay in place and don’t slip when fitted well. The materials used in the manufacture of the excellent quality stretchers have undergone a number of tests and are clinically proven to enhance the manhood. They are made of silicone straps that help to avoid slipping since they hold the penis in place.

The material that the silicone straps is made of assists in gripping hence there are no chances of constant re-adjustment. The rods that hold the straps are firm but very light to prevent straining of the penile shaft with a heavy uncomfortable enhancement device. A good quality extender is made of aluminum thus cannot rust.

The low quality extenders, on the other hand, causes slipping since the straps are not firm enough to hold the penis in place. They can corrode thus causing difficulties when re-adjusting and are uncomfortable to be worn for long hours as they may pinch.

Penis extenders also differ in the way strapping is designed. The silicone straps give comfort to the user hence the name comfort straps. They give proper gripping such that the penile shaft will not be slipping when it is in use. When the penis slips and there is constant re-positioning, the desired results might not be achieved since stretching and traction will not be continuous.

The flat straps are less comfortable because they tend to pinch the member and lead to the formation of blisters. The comfort straps give traction that the user desires thus giving targeted results as compared to flat pads.

The good quality extenders that have been proven to work are sometimes discounted or they come with additional offers such as a money back guarantee, a digital sexual guide and additional comfort straps to accompany the stretchers. These additional offers are given by the manufacturers who trust in their products because they have been proven to be medically tested to give the desired results that is an increase in both length and thickness.

A stretcher said to be effective and gives assurances on its functionality is likely to work well. However, if a stretcher does not give money refund guarantee in case of failure to work, it will probably flop and be a waste of money since it might not work.

There are a wide range of extenders in the market. The user should, therefore, separate the genuine products from the fake ones, which will only end up leading to wastage of resources: time and money. The increase in size is achievable when a high quality stretcher is used.

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