What A Penis Extender Does – And Doesn’t Do

A penis extender has been used over the past many years and is still being used by men to enlarge their penises. This device works by stretching the penis to prompt a biological response that stimulates the growth of the penile tissues. It is usually straightforward to use and is designed to offer convenience for all types of men. Whether having a busy or less busy schedule, one can enjoy the merits of penis enlargement at any given time as long as they are active. There are things a penis extender is capable and not capable of doing. Some of these include;

What a penis extender does

Helps you gain some inches

Almost every man looking to use or using a penis extender wishes to add an extra inch to his penis. A penis extender is meant to help increase the size of the penis through the gain and stretch process. When you use this device correctly as instructed, you are likely to get the best results. However, since the process of cell division and growth occurs progressively and takes a longer duration, you will have to be patient enough with the extender device to achieve what you want.

Treat the penile disorders

Penile disorders can manifest in various forms. The most common disorders of the penis are the Peyronie’s disease and the penile curvature. The Peyronie’s disease is usually more serious and requires intervention. It is a condition in which the penis shaft bends extremely making sex painful for either or both partners. In some cases, erections may also be painful. This condition may originate from the penile curvature, which is regarded as a minor curving of the penile shaft. A penis extender is medically and scientifically proven to correct the curving disorder. The consistent stretching effect over a longer period of time makes the penile shaft to assume a straight position.

What a penis extender doesn’t do

It doesn’t guarantee your sexual performance

Some men think that when they use a penis extender, their sexual performance will automatically improve. You should keep in mind that a penis extender only helps you enhance the physical appearance of your penis, hence may not guarantee you a better sexual experience. It will help you get that bigger penis you have been dreaming about.

However, if you don’t know how to use this advantage, you are still likely to have a poor sexual experience. For the best results, you may consider combining the use of a penis extender with other male enhancement methods such as the use of penis pills to help counter premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive among others.

It doesn’t harm your penis

Since the use of a penis extender is based on stretching the penis, some people think that the device can cause harm as a result of continuous pulling. This is not true. The use of a penis extender is supported by both doctors and scientists who have proven that the device is safe for use. To ensure you are on a safer side, you should only go for those devices from legitimate sources. Also, consider following the instructions that come with an extender device meticulously.

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