Losing Your Motivation When Using A Penis Extender

The use of a penis extender to increase the size of the penis is one of the things that require a lot of motivation in order for one to see success. This is because of the numerous demands that come with their use. Typically, the user is required to use the device on a daily basis consistently over a longer period of time, approximately, six months for significant results.

Some men find this journey demanding and decide to opt out from the exercise without having achieved what they were looking for. Have you ever wondered what could make the user of a penis extender device lose his motivation? Well, loss of motivation can be as a result of frequent measuring and not be creating enough time for the enlargement exercise.

Motivation can be defined as the general urge and willingness to do something. Motivation can be important in cases where one needs to enhance his conditions himself without the help of another party—just himself and the penis extender. Since the use of a penis extender doesn’t entail third party monitoring, one exercises full control and freedom over the exercise and any misconduct by him can result in failure.

This is a clear scenario of what normally happens when one is allowed the freedom to do whatever he or she desires. They may end up doing only the things that favor them and avoid those activities that demand a lot.

One may lose his motivation when using an extender device when he begins to measure his penis frequently. It is understandable that any man considering penis enlargement exercise is in urgent need to get the best size. However, as a user expecting to enjoy the many amazing benefits of using a penis extender, you should keep in mind that you only get what you want from a penis extender when you dance to its tune.

Patience is the key tune of a penis extender. When you can’t be patient enough and keeps on measuring to know the progress, you will end up losing your motivation. Penis enlargement through the use of a penis extender occurs gradually over a longer duration for the results to be noticeable. By measuring every day, you are unlikely to see any changes. Therefore, you are advised to measure your penis with limits. You can consider taking measurements once in every two weeks.

Another way some men lose motivation when using an extender device is by skipping using the device for some duration before proceeding again with the process. Since penis enlargement requires continuous application of the extender device, one is unlikely to get the results he is looking for when he skips. This is because your penis is likely to get back to its original shape during the period of inactivity. This is not a similar case to a situation where you need to give your penis sometime for recovery and cell growth.

Skipping an enlargement exercise for a week or more can adversely affect your enlargement journey. Therefore, you should only skip when advised to by your doctor or an expert. If not so, then stick to the extender device until you get the results you are looking for.

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