Stretch And Gain – The Safer Option

The principal of stretching and gaining has been used over the past many years and is still being considered effectual up to date. There must be something good about this mechanism. From treatment of limbs to penis enlargement, the process of stretch and gain has proven to be viable. Is it really true that the stretch and gain process is the safest option for men thinking to increase the size of their penises? Be sure to properly understand what this process entails, its roles and advantages. You can then do your own evaluation to come up with a conclusion.

Stretch is defined as the act of extending one’s body through tension. During the stretching process, the limb is subjected to steady pulling until the required increase in length is achieved. Typically, limbs tend to go back to their normal position after stretching. This is where gain becomes relevant. Gain is defined as an increase in the size of something. After the penis limbs have been subjected to stretch, it goes through the process of gain whereby the growth of new tissue cells takes place to fill the gaps that have been left following the tears caused by stretch.

Penis enlargement through the use of a penis extender relies on stretch and gain to adequately increase the size of the penis, primarily its length. A penis extender is designed with elongation bars, a strap and a basal ring to help hold the penis in place during the stretching process. The stretching focuses on the corpora cavernosa and the penile ligaments to induce an increase in the size of the penis. Gaining ensures that the stretching is accounted for perfectly by inducing the growth of new cells to counter the impact of stretching.

Stretch and gain is considered safe because of its mechanism of operation which is natural. This guarantees your internal organs safety. In case of an accident due to the poor managing and use of the penis extender, the consequences may only be felt on the penis alone, primarily the external part rather than affecting the other body parts that are not a party to the enlargement procedure. The pains as a result of gains through the use of a penis extender are usually minimal and won’t hurt as compared to that of a surgical procedure.

Stretch and gain requires a lot of time in order to give the best results one is looking for. Cell division and replication is not a one-time process but a gradual one. You need to be more patient and give the enlargement procedure sufficient time to effectively serve you. Some people have complained of not seeing any changes as early as after a week of use. This shouldn’t be the case. This process can take up to six months for one to see significant changes.

Prior to adopting the stretch and gain process, you should invest in adequate consultations with the available experts. You can talk to your doctor or any other experienced medical practitioner to seek advice on how to go about the enlargement exercise.

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