The ABC’s Of Penis Traction Therapy For Peyronie’s Disease

Also known as chronic tunica albuginea inflammation, Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the connective tissue that involves the growth of the fibrous plaques in the smooth penis tissues affecting approximately 5% of men in the entire globe.

This condition is believed to be caused by injury or trauma to the penis, normally, through physical activity or sexual intercourse even though a majority of men are usually unaware of any injury or traumatic event. Peyronie’s disease can be deflating for a man, especially, if it makes sex impossible. Penis traction therapy to treat Peyronie’s disease can be described by its ABC’s that are responsible for giving guidance during the process.

The penis traction ABC’s are Arc denoted by A, Benign denoted by B and Control denoted by C. These three aspects of traction therapy are applied widely by many men today to help treat the Peyronie’s disease. Typically, penis traction is aimed at reshaping the penis gently and progressively. An extremely curved penis can be painful during sex and may also make the female partner uncomfortable. Therefore, there is a need for men suffering from Peyronie’s disease to correct this condition.

The Arc, denoted by “A”, is the severe bending of the penis that affects a man’s sexual performance. This problem is not only associated with the physical aspect of a man’s sexual health but also with his psychological and spiritual well-being. An abnormally bent penis looks awkward and since it is not very common for a majority of men, those suffering from this condition are likely to feel unfortunate and underprivileged. They may end up living in hiding with the fear of their weaknesses getting exposed. This fear is what causes a low self-esteem and low confidence.

The Benign, denoted by “B”, is the gentle straightening of the penis to correct the problem of an extremely bent penis. This process is usually pain-free and considered to be one of the most effective techniques of getting a desirable penis shape and length without subjecting one’s health to risk. Since benign is a slow and gradual process, it stimulates the growth of new cells in the penile tissue columns to account for the progressive stretching action. The stretching process should be sustained daily over a long period of time for the best results.

The Control, denoted by “C”, is the ability of a man to control the extent of traction applied to his penis during the entire period of penis enlargement. This offers more convenience as the man is able to unfasten the traction device at any given time, especially when he is feeling uncomfortable. Also, the control allows you to use your extender device anywhere you are going; be it at the office or at home.

The traction device is designed to allow for adjustments that you may consider later after having some improvements in length. Adhering to a doctor’s instructions is the key to achieving magnificent results. You should always look out for what fits you well and that which won’t react with your skin.

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