Misconceptions About Penis Size And Penis Extenders

Talking to a man about his privates is awkward. It grows even weirder when matters concerning the size are spoken about. Men, however, have so many queries surrounding the size of their members, what the best size is and the size that women want among other things. These questions usually go unanswered and that is why the misconceptions about the size come up.

A majority of males have issues with their sizes and wish to increase it. Being the best device for increasing the length, a penis extender is taken into consideration. However, the traction devices are very many in the stores today. The interested men have a difficulty in choosing the extender to settle for.

The common misconception is the one relating the performance in bed to the size of the manhood. Some people still think that satisfying a woman traces back to the size of the penis one has. They believe that the bigger the penis the better the performance. This, however, is a fallacy in that satisfaction depends on a wide range of factors.

For instance, talking about issues concerning sex and the positions that the partners are willing to try during intercourse in a way, contribute to good performance in bed. Also, believing in oneself and self-esteem contribute to better performance and satisfying a woman in bed. This explains that having a larger member does not guarantee exceptional results in bed because there are those with a larger manhood but finds it hard to satisfy their partners.

Other people relate one’s geographical position and location to the size of the penis. This misconception places the race of a man to the size of his penis. It is believed that men from certain races have larger members than those of their counterparts. This is fiction because the structure of the body is purely scientific. The skin color has nothing to do with the size of the penis.

Another linkage with other parts of the body is the man’s height, the length of the hands and that of the feet. There is a misconception that the size of the penis is determined by how tall a person is and the size of his feet and hands are also used as a rough picture of how gigantic his privates are. There is no proof for this connection, however.

Quite a number of men also have a misconception on what the average size of an erect penis is. They believe that 5.5 inches when erect is too small while actually, that is the average size of most men worldwide. It is average in that there are men below this size and others above it. Men still believe that seven or eight inches when erect is ideal but there are very few men in the world having this size. In the search for a device that works best, men surprisingly believe that an extender can do a lot. The device, however, does not give more than two inches and this is achieved after a pretty long duration.

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