Penis Extenders Vs Vacuum Pumps – What’s The Difference?

A bigger percentage of men who want to enlarge their penises have had a difficulty on which device to settle for. This is because they are unsure of the device that works best. Thanks to the internet and technology; the information about penis extenders and vacuum pumps is now widely available on many sites. Upon deciding on which one to go for, one can purchase the device online.

Both devices are therefore readily accessible. The stretchers and the vacuum pumps are the main devices for male enhancement yet they still confuse individuals regarding the one that does the job safely while delivering best results. Each of them works differently and delivers specific results contrary to the misconception that they do the same job.

A penis extender is the best device to use for gains in length. The device is fixed on the penis then traction is applied slightly such that it pulls the manhood gently. This pulling is accompanied by a little pressure that is firmly applied to the penile shaft. The process of enlarging the penis while maintaining its girth is usually slow; otherwise, the thickness might be lost in the process of acquiring a longer member.

A penis extender gives permanent results when used for about six hours on a daily basis for two months or even more. Continuous stretching pulls the part of the penis that is inside thus producing healthy results free from complications as when other methods such as surgery are used.

On the other hand, a vacuum pump produces the best results for an increase in length although these results are temporary. The pump is fixed on the manhood which is then accompanied by applying some force. The device draws blood to the penis and when the blood fills the cells, they become turgid thus giving a difference in thickness.

The results from the pump are instant and they improve the thickness immediately the device is put on. However, the vacuum pump gives short term good results, especially when used before having sex. An increase in girth gives an enjoyable sexual encounter and pleasure because most women prefer thickness to length. When a vacuum pump is used for long, it leads to a permanent increase in girth.

As a result of the consistent suction force applied, the blood fills up the spaces and with time, their elasticity is compromised. The cells being elastic create more space and when used in future, blood is forced to fill up the extra room that was created due to elasticity.

Both devices are very safe and give effective results if used as instructed. While penis stretcher has to be used for long to gain permanent results in length, a vacuum pump works on a short term basis to give an increase in girth though temporarily. Consistent use of the pump has been testified to give a permanent increase in the thickness of the penis shaft. The stretcher also gives an increase in length after a long term use. A vacuum pump is mainly meant for the girth while a penis stretcher is mainly meant for the length.

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