Should You Use A Vacuum Pump Or A Penis Extender?

Making a decision that will give irreversible results is at times difficult. The concerned parties always find themselves in a dilemma on settling for the most appropriate enlargement method especially where the two methods are safe: free from complications and do not cause infections and the devices used are easy to fix on the shaft.

Also, a vacuum pump and the extender produce changes in the size and the shape of the member when used consistently. Technology has made it easy to buy these devices from the internet sites. Therefore, both of them are readily available and accessible. However, the males who want to enlarge their manhood still find it difficult to decide on which device to settle on.

Many people still think that a vacuum pump is the same as a penis extender. The two are like the earth and the sky, very different in the way they look and how they function. When a vacuum pump is fixed on the penis then a little force is used, the device draws blood which will fill the tissues and the cells of the penis. The blood that flows in plenty to the member makes it swell thereby increasing the thickness. The user gets these results instantly although they are temporary.

When used immediately before the act, one is said to have a pleasurable and enjoyable sexual encounter. The vacuum gives immediate results but males who have used the device for long have testified that permanent increase in thickness has been noticed. The vacuum pumps mainly increase the girth with gains on length rarely occurring.

A penis extender works differently from the vacuum pump. The logic behind the success in increasing the length of the penis is that the device works by gently pulling the ligaments and part of the penis that is hidden inside. An individual slowly adjusts the screws and knobs causing constant traction and is effective for permanent gain in length.

The extender ensures that the length grows without losing the girth. This device should be used for hours daily for a couple of months so as to achieve the results that are noticeable. When they are pulled, they split. Scientific processes subsequently take place on the cells making them divide thereby resulting in an increase in length.

Once a person knows the work of each device, he will be able to know which one works best for his problem. While other males feel that they have shorter penises, others feel unsatisfied with the width of their penises. When a man attains an erection, his penis should be approximately five inches although some men would want eight inches or even more.

Finally, the most important thing in an enlargement process is what the partner has to say. Quite a number of women prefer a wider penis because it makes intercourse more enjoyable as compared to a longer penis. In case a person wants a longer penis, a penis extender is the most appropriate device to use while if the person wants an increase in girth, a vacuum pump is the device to look out for.

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