Penis Extenders And BDSM – How To Play And Grow?

A penis extender is a device fixed on the manhood with the aim of increasing its size in length and thickness. This device slightly pulls the penile shaft while the user makes adjustments on the adjustable screws and knobs on the extender. Growth is bound to be achieved after several months if the device is put on continuously for four to six hours on a daily basis.

BDSM, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. It refers to a tactic used erotically during foreplay whereby the consenting partners take part in deriving pleasure in each other’s pains and giving in masochistically. Bondage usually involves tying the submissive partner using belts, chains, and handcuffs to sexually stimulate the partners.

After restraining, one is disciplined through corporal punishment such as ass whipping or even using an undermining language that psychologically punishes the submissive. The whole process of restraining and sadistic disciplining gives erotic pleasure to these partners.

Males use the extenders with the hope of improving the size of their small guy down there. Those that use BDSM foreplay get a bonus because the stretcher performs more than the expected. These devices could render men uncomfortable when fore playing thus inflicting the much-wanted pain making it more fulfilling. After all, the people who use bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism find pain during sex more appealing and pleasurable as compared to the normal intercourse.

The traction devices pull the penis to achieve an increase in length as well as giving a room by adjusting knobs to acquire an increase in thickness. Just like any other male enhancement method, the use of the penis extenders comes with some little pain. When the pain is felt, the tissues and cells are stretched leading to their break down causing splitting. These cells will be replaced as a result of cell division hence duplicating and replicating the broken cells.

This process will see to it that growth is achieved because some more cells are created in the process of cell division and multiplication hence a change in the size on the dick. The whole process of pulling and adjusting is associated with some discomfort and minimal pain. Such is pleasurable for those people who have fun in enjoying some pain during sex. Penis extenders do a great job for those men who want a little discomfort caused by pain during intercourse. It yields double gains because one grows while increasing pleasure in the bedroom.

The functioning of the penis extenders complements the BDSM play. Those people interested in masochism use the extenders for their adult play. The stretcher is fixed on the penile shaft and the user adjusts it to the traction deem fit for him and then a little pressure is added. If too much pressure is applied, it might cause injuries on the internal part of the penis especially tearing the ligaments. The extender then complements the foreplay when the resistance of the traction device is put under control.

When the extender is blended with the BDSM, it produces extremely good results to the consenting partners. They enjoy their sexual life resulting from the pain as well as enlarging the penis. It is a double shot!

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