5 Ancient Penis Enlargement Techniques Used And Why They Worked Or Didn't Work

The numerous “discoveries” that have been witnessed in the past and present decades are actually the results of subsequent evolutions. If we could be genuine with ourselves, it would be easy for us to admit that most of the things happening today have been borrowed from the past. The other truth is that a lot of improvements have been made.

Take for instance the issue of penis enlargement. It is a trend that started a long time ago. The only difference between then and now is the significant improvements that have been done on the broad range of the PE techniques available on the market. Here, we go back a few decades to understand ancient PE methods that were used and why they worked or didn’t.

Traditional medicine

Herbal aphrodisiacs were very popular among the African tribes as well as the Chinese. This PE method has been used throughout history. Traditional Chinese medicine such as ginseng is utilised to enhance sexual appetite, besides improving the normal function of the male member.

There is a broad range of herbs associated with TCM. Apparently, they are still very much in use in the modern world of penis enlargement. They are employed in the manufacture of products such as penis enlargement creams, lotions, patches and pills. Research studies have shown that they are actually useful in promoting penis enlargement.


The size of one’s penis held a lot of importance during the ancient Arabic times. The young Arab boys were taught how to enlarge their penises using jelqing exercises. This technique entails massaging a penis while in its semi-erect state. The objective is to increase the blood flow within the penile shaft. This method is still practised today and offers a natural way of enlarging the third leg.

Penis weights

This technique was used by several tribes and cultures in the olden times. For instance, Polynesian men are known to have utilised penis stretching method. They would wrap the penis in a woven sleeve made of plant fibre. A rock or any other heavy object would then be hung from the end of the penis – once it was secured inside the sleeve. Some tribes in Africa are also said to have used weights to enlarge their penises.

The weights were successful in increasing the length of the penis. However, it was associated with adverse side effects such as reduced penis girth and decreased sensitive because of nerve damage. Further, the technique was considered particularly painful. In spite of these side effects, the fact that it was used shows how determined men were to have bigger penises.

Severed penis consumption

This is by far the craziest ancient PE techniques I have heard about. Apparently, some “wise” men of the past believed that a person’s penis would grow if he ate the penis of a castrated slave. Remember, it wasn’t a penis affair alone. A determined individual was supposed to consume the testicles and scrotum as well. I find this incredibly gross – for lack of a better word. Lol! The extent men are willing to go to have extended schlong.

Codpiece for Europeans – 14th to 17th-century Renaissance era

The codpiece was originally designed for covering the penis area. However, some men claimed to have witnessed larger and stronger looking wieners after wearing the armour like device for extended periods. The method gained popularity but disappeared into obscurity just as soon. Nowadays, codpieces are only rocked on movies and concert performances.

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