Advantages Of Telling Her

Every relationship should base on honesty. However, a small penis syndrome or a micropenis condition is very serious and delicate issues. To be fair to both sides, female and male, timing is everything. As men with this kind of problems can get very defensive and have some problems with trust, they will certainly wait to see whether the girl is worth it or not. Fear of being rejected can be very paralyzing and therefore, choosing the right women is of great importance.

Women fall in love with the man and not their penis

Women are very complex creatures, and when searching a long-term partner, they chose very carefully. Penis is never the priority for the majority of the female population. However, there are of course exceptions, but very few.

When you come across a real woman, you should explain the situation to her. There is a very slight possibility that she will leave because of a small penis. It is far more likely that the potential breakup is going to be because of other reasons that will not have anything to do with the penis size. Women have their insecurities like being overweight, having small breast, etc. You could probably connect even more due to the penis size problem than being rejected because of it.

When is the right moment to tell her?

Talking to a partner about the penis size, especially when it is smaller than average, creates quite a challenging situation. Perhaps it is better, instead of coming out in the open with such relevant information, to simply raise the issue in general. Choose the right time and place, as you will need peace and quiet when discussing a serious matter like this. Effortlessly ask her how she does feel about the penis size, more specifically about the small penis.

According to her respond, you will know whether or not to continue the conversation and the entire relationship. When she responds to you as you have anticipated then chose the appropriate moment and explained her about your condition. It is probably bested you tell her before she finds out for herself. Give her the chance to get used to the situation and evaluates the relationship from her point of view as well. It is probably a greater risk not to tell her as she may feel offended that you have not told her such a valuable information.

By telling her yourself and she declines you, at least she will not have no direct information about your condition to share with others. However, if you tell her, and she stays, you gave her the time to adjust and get used to the idea of what to expect. Sexual intercourse is an important part of every functional relationship. Therefore, an honest and open conversation about the matter of high importance such as micropenis condition would most definitely offer a better opportunity to a relationship than an ambush.

The important thing about maintaining the relationship is to learn to realize how to take care of partner´s needs. At some point, her needs will exceed what you can offer to her and at that point, you need to find a solution. Otherwise, you will lose her. You can only achieve that with honesty and clear communication. That is why it is important to be open and honest about your condition from the beginning as you will be able to build the relationship in the future.

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