Never Use Padded Underwear To Fake A Big Bulge

A lot of men love bulges – like really, really love them. You must already have spotted guys who walk around with skinny jeans or very tighty – whities combo. They know exactly what they are up to by the way; it’s no coincidence. Their primary goal is to show off the muscular mass of their tangled up manhood as well as the balls. Actually, this is the male equivalent of a push-up bra or low cut tops you see in women.

While the entire male population isn’t into padded underwear or whatever name is given to this apparel by many brands, it is something quite common in recent years. There is no denying that men who wear padded underwear do so to please women. They want women to believe that they are tremendously packaged. The biggest question is; do women actually give a damn about big pants- ham?

Intellectually, nearly every man knows – too well – that his penis size shouldn’t necessarily matter in a relationship; both to him and his partner. His common sense constantly reminds him that his package will not be the chief contributing element as far as a woman’s response to him is concerned. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for him to believe this truth that would magically change the way he sees himself. This is the root cause of all the confidence problems you see in men. It is therefore not a wonder to see a man trying all he can to show that he is heftily packaged.

The underwears industry has even made the situation worse – in my opinion – by making and selling the padded underwear. They have contributed to the doubts and worries that our men are already victims of. Yet, there are problems associated with men wearing these genital enhancing underwears.

While the majority of women focus their efforts to ensure discretion regarding the entire crotch area, the male population appears to be more vocal in reminding the world that they actually have genitals. It’s a crazy world – for lack of a better word. Large stores and highly reputable brands are in the business of avail bulge enhancing boxers and briefs. You will even get penis size boosting swimwear so you can literally kill all the girls in the pool or beach with your false big schlong.

Now, here is the problem; while women can get away with padded bras, it’s a different scenario for men. The society, in general, has accepted this thing about women enhancing their boobs using relevant bra types. On the other hand, anyone who does this, if discovered, becomes a laughing stock. You won't love it if a woman you are eyeing finds out that you have a fake bulge. I can bet that all her friends will know as soon as she realizes. I don’t need to remind you that you will become ridicule, and you wouldn’t really love to go through this kind of horror.

A woman will feel cheated if she finds out that your penis isn’t as big as portrayed by your underpants. While she might have liked you because of your penis size, it isn’t always the primary factor. As such, you will end up ruining even the very thing that she had loved about you. She will begin to think that everything about you is fake. You wouldn’t want to lose the love of your life because of faking a bulge.

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