Beyond PE: Becoming A Better, More Confident Man

In the world where the masculinity and manhood of human males are determined by the penis size, nearly every man aspires to have a bigger penis. The male population has been made to believe that having more prominent male member will make them better men. Well, if having a bigger penis makes you more confident, then I have no problem with that. However, apart from enlarging your wiener, there are numerous other ways through which you can improve yourself.

Surprisingly, in life, even the smallest things can make such an enormous positive difference in one's life. Let us consider some of these things:

1. Start working out:

What impression do you get of the men who work out to gain muscles? Impressive. Right? Well, I see it in the same way. Try obtaining juts 20lbs of pure muscles and you will see how significantly your life can change. It will make you look happier, more confident of yourself and most importantly, much healthier. A woman will notice the change immediately and even tell you what the change has done to you. They will not fail to see that you are happy, healthy, confident and disciplined, than ever before. It is, however, important for you to note that this change isn't an overnight thing. You must be persistent and dedicated- a year later, it will surprise you when you realise what you have become.

2. Increase your sources of income:

Lack or shortage of finances can make you feel less confident, especially when you can hardly meet the financial obligations of your family. To avoid this from happening, think of business ventures that can bring you side income. The size of the company doesn't matter as long as it earns you extra income. When you can comfortably settle your bills and even afford some luxury for you and your family, you will feel like a better man. Let nothing hold you back, not even the fear of unknown.

Upon stepping on the first stair, the rest of the staircase will gradually reveal itself- you don't need to see the whole staircase for you to begin moving. Even if the first venture you begin doesn't work, keep trying. Failing to succeed in a new thing or several new things you try doesn't in anyway make you a failure. In this life, the only real failure happens when we quit trying.

3. Always learn something new:

Self education is an essential element of life. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to spend money on magazines and books, especially if you find it expensive. The internet is full of incredible useful reading materials that can positively transform your thinking. There is just so much you can learn by reading, from politics, career, family, health and other important aspects of life. Make it a habit to read a set minimum of books in a year. Reading will help you improve the way you think, your vocabulary and consequently, your articulation. Self education has a considerable bearing on a person's confidence.

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