Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Underdevelopment of the penis is something that can be avoided right from childhood. In many instances, a small penis is usually blamed on hormones and genetics. However, there are other lifestyle factors that contribute to the same. It is important to have an understanding of things that hinders the optimal development of the penis. This way, you will be in a position to prevent it from happening to your child. Here, we will learn how to avoid penile underdevelopment.

Before we delve deep into the matter, you need to understand something paramount. Hormones and genetics usually have an effect on the growth and development of the penis. When a person has a small male member, there are two possibilities involved namely:

  • It was meant to be small from the very beginning or
  • Something must have gone wrong when his penis was growing

When a man is undergoing puberty his body changes from that of a boy to an adult. The rate at which his penis develops is typically influenced by genetics as well as the amount of growth hormones supplied by his body. Unfortunately, hereditary factors cannot be controlled. On the other hand, the growth of hormones is a process that can be stimulated to enhance penis growth. Apart from the hormones, below are other factors that impact penis growth, and ones that can be controlled.

Excessive physical and emotional stress

As a parent, it is important for you to ensure that your boy child has conducive environment when growing up. You must already have heard about cases where a young man has become impotent due to emotional abuse suffered while growing up. Excessive physical and emotional stress can result in your child having an underdeveloped penis. You can prevent this from happening by ensuring that your child grows up in a stress free environment.

Prolonged medical conditions and malnutrition

I may not say much about the extended medical condition because most of the times, this is something that almost always beyond our control. Sometimes parents and their children are forced to resign to fate and pray that everything works well in the end. However, we can talk about malnutrition. Feeding your boy child, the right kind of nutrition goes a long way in facilitating optimal penis growth. In that regard, ensure that your child eats the right kinds of food- a balanced diet every other day.

Excessive cycling

This may come as a surprise and disappointment to people who love cycling. Excessive cycling has been named as one of the causes of impotency. Too much cycling not only reduces the size of the penis, but may also cause genital numbness, penile failure and also underdevelopment. If you cannot do away with cycling completely, you may want to consider changing the narrow and hard saddles. Alternatively, go for ergonomic seats that have flexible noses or a hole in the middle. It is also advisable for bicycle riders to take 10 minutes breaks and slightly bend their knees while riding to support the body weight.

Male adults and children should practice less cycling and include effective exercise regime to facilitate optimal penile development.

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