Men And Locker Room Syndrome

If you are unhappy with the girth or the length of your cock, then you can relax. You are not alone. Today, more than ever, men are less satisfied with their dong sizes- a new UK survey reveals. The study attracted what one may consider a relative representative sample of the male population (roughly 1000 men from the United Kingdom). According to the research study, 79% of the men are satisfied with their penis sizes. That's a decline from 86% as reported in 2008. This means that one in every five men today is not happy with the overall size of their cocks.

So, what is the reason for this decreased level of satisfaction by men of their penis sizes? One of the reasons can be attributed to the locker room syndrome. Men compare their dicks with that of their colleagues at work, gym locker rooms and urinals. At the very least, they do it all the time an opportunity arises. If you are a woman, you must already be wondering how crazy the situation can get. That's the truth of the matter – something that needs to be dealt with. Nature programmed men to be competitive in nature and this includes the penis size. Every man wants the assurance that they are adequately endowed or better still, they secretly want to believe that they have bigger penises compared to his partner's past lovers.

A small research study conducted by Christopher Morris- Roberts (published in made similar observations. The researcher performed one-hour session interviews with eight men athletes from across London. Four of the men were heterosexuals and the other four were homosexual men. The objective was to establish if the size of a man's penis has any effect on the locker room behaviours of men. Apparently, all the men said that they look for opportunities to check another man below the belt whenever they hit the locker room. According to the researcher, the act of stealing a glance doesn't happen out of sexual attraction. Rather, it is usually a way to size up the other men. Perhaps the most interesting part is that men who have the biggest wieners are idolised by the rest and also see as more masculine.

The locker room syndrome is said to happen when a man judges his penis size relative to those around them. As stated earlier, men don't usually hang around the locker room and then perform comparative analysis in an organised or scientific technique. Instead, what you observe are quickly stolen glances in the room. They do so when they think that no one is watching them. These images are captured and stored in the brains for later use when conducting self evaluations. During evaluations, men look at the girth and length full erection, the straightness and well shape uniformity as well as the overall shape and size of the penis when in the flaccid state.

In my opinion, men need not go through such unpleasant experiences. Further, unless yours is a micropenis, there really shouldn't be anything to worry about. There is no such thing as having a perfect penis. You never know, the man you are idolising due to his penis size and shape, is also doing the same thing with another man. Besides, just because his flaccid penis is big doesn't mean it will be the same case when it's fully erect. Nonetheless, if you wish to gain a couple more inches, there are many techniques of penis enlargement. You really don't have to suffer from the locker room syndrome your entire life.

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