Penis Enlargement: It's About Pleasure – Hers And Yours

In the history of mankind, men with larger penises have perceptively been put in a more privileged position compared to men with smaller penises. The prized possession has in turn, and singlehandedly for that matter, constructed a sense of grandeur amongst the male in the society. You wouldn't be wrong to conclude that this single attribute overshadows a number of social status indicators like money, power and material things than usually provide men with leverage over another. Contrary to common belief, there are numerous advantages of having a larger penis.

A lot has been said about penis enlargement- both advantages and disadvantages. Today, we dwell on the benefits of penis enlargement and specifically, for pleasure purposes and confidence boost. Contrary to popular belief, penis enlargement may benefit both you and your partner. Let us first consider how PE helps to increase your confidence as well as how this is converted into more sexual pleasure.

Individuals suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem and inferiority complex because of smaller penis size may opt for penis enlargement plans that aren't intrusive. This is mainly because; they may not have sufficient chances against a man who is well endowed. Men with bigger penises achieve rock hard and far better erections as well as longer performance in matters bedroom. Penis enlargement helps men- even the ones who have decent penis size- to improve the quality of their erections. The fact that they can achieve rock-hard erections that last long means those men can enjoy more pleasurable sex than before.

Further, a longer penis improves the self esteem and self confidence of a man. There is basically so much a man can achieve when his self confidence level is on the high. A man with a larger penis can perform very well at work, in his career, business and most importantly, in bed. He will portray more confidence while having sex with his partner and since he isn't as self conscious as usual, he will enjoy sex more than before.

What about your partner?

Your partner can also benefit considerably from penis enlargement. She benefits in three or more ways which include the penetration factor, the performance factor and the appeal factor.

The recipients of these enlarged penises usually have their vagina or rectum engorged with a penis to enjoy ultimate pleasure. On a more particular note, however deep the itch of the penis recipient that needs scratching is, it will undoubtedly be reached. Your partner will experience more sexual pleasure because your penis can touch all the most sensitive parts of her genital area. A longer and thicker penis will touch the clitoris, the walls of the vagina and even reach the G-spot effortlessly during penetration.

There are areas in the vagina that just can't be reached easily by an average sized penis. You will hear her tell you to go deeper at times. This means the penis going very deep inside their vagina as it brings more sexual pleasure. As a matter of fact, when a woman can feel a longer and thicker penis inside her, she is more likely to attain multiple orgasms. Nothing gives a man more confidence during sex than making a woman climax severally in one sexual encounter.

Lastly, there is the appeal element of the sexual perspective. Women love the sight of a rock-hard erection as it makes them anticipate sexual pleasure. It sexually arouses them because they know just what it is capable of making them feel. As a matter, the simple glance of a fuller penis is sufficient to make an otherwise aggressive woman or partner to bow down to its every demand.

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