Reasons To Correct A Curved Penis And Peyronie's Disease

A bent penis is referred to as an erect penis that is curved to one side. It's absolutely normal for the penis to curve slightly to the right or left when erect. Since its normal, having a bend that does not cause any pain or affects the performance should not be a cause of worry. This means that you do not need to see a doctor. However, developing a more serious bend in the penis that interferes with sexual performance or cause pain during sex should not be taken lightly.

Although a bend can happen after an injury during sex or a car accident, there is another main cause of a bent penis. It's the Peyronie's disease.

Peyronie's disease occurs when an inflammation and scar tissue form along the shaft of the penis which results to an area of firmness or a painful lump. The disease causes the penis to shorten or bend and this can prevent the penis form expanding normally. Men with this disease often have difficulties achieving a firm erection. It's said that the disease is common in men between the ages of 45 and 60.

Most men with bent penis do not need to be given any treatment. However, those who experience pain or difficulties during intercourse may be offered medical treatment.

So, is there any need to correct a curved penis? Absolutely yes, it is very important to correct a curved penis. There is a great need to correct a curved penis and cure Peryonie's disease. One of the methods of correcting a curved penis is through corrective surgery. The surgery may only be offered to those with a curved penis that causes pain and also brings about poor performance in bed.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider having your curved penis corrected.

To Get Rid of the Pain

Men with more serious bends may experience a lot of pain especially during sex. This can lead to unsatisfactory sex to both the man and his partner. The cause of the pain is usually due to the lump and inflammation that cause the penis to bend or shorten.

Corrective surgery is known to give positive results. Other types of medication include use of oral drugs such as Pentoxifylline as well as injections into the scar tissue with certain drugs. These drugs include Verapamil, Collagenase, and Interferon.

Other potential treatments include radiation therapy and high intensity ultrasound.

To Achieve Stronger Erections

Men who have curved penises often experience difficulties with having strong erections. This can affect sexual performance, cause reduced confidence and self- esteem, and also hurt the ego of a man in a great way.

Correcting the curve can help the man achieve stronger erections and also help prevent other performance issues.

To Prevent Further Shortening of the Penis

Peryonie's disease not only causes pain and weak erections, but also, its causes the penis grow shorter and shorter. We all know how devastating it is to have a short penis. This can affect your sex life in a big way. Therefore, the sooner you detect the symptoms, the earlier you will correct the problem and save your penis from getting shorter.

Don't let a curved penis damage your self-esteem and cause depression. Get a physical examination early enough and lead a healthy sex life.

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