Guys Are Right: Size Matters, When It Comes To Fertility

Looks Like Size Does Matters When It Comes To Fertility

Both men and women are so much obsessed with the penis size that they try to connect every possible thing with it. Whether it is about masculinity, sexuality or about fertility, it is always the size that matters. Well, a new research shows that yes size does matter, but you will be amazed to see how.

The new research concludes that size matters, but actually it is not the penis size that matters. In fact, it is the length that measures from anus to underneath the scrotum - Anogenital distance, also known as AGD. So, if this one turns out true, it means that the latest and most important tool for fertility arsenal may soon be a simple measuring tape.

There is a possibility that all these new researches made in this area are not real. However, previous studies also prove that AGD does suggest fertility and infertility. When fertility and sperm count are combined, there are chances that AGD may answer a lot of questions. However, till now it is not considered as a diagnosis itself.

Moreover, if we consider that AGD does give genuine answers, how convenient it would be for doctors and couples. For instance, all you need is a simple measuring tape and that is it. Couples who have trouble getting pregnant need not to go for different tests instead just measure the AGD.

AGD is connected with semen volume as well as the sperm count as per the study conducted by Shanna Swan (reproductive epidemiologist and professor). The normal AGD length is considered as 2 inches. Now, men who have shorter than that measurement are 7 times more likely to face fertility problems. There are chances that these men may be sub-fertile which means their sperm count is less than 2 million per mm. Men who are sub-fertile have very less chances of impregnating a woman. Since, the normal or say required sperm count in 1 mm is 50 to 60 million.

According to a previous study, it is possible that women, who are exposed to a particular class of chemicals during their pregnancy, have higher chances to deliver baby boys with shorter AGDs. This class of chemicals is known as phthalates and is found in perfumes, personal care products like shampoos, PVC infused products like shower curtains and floor coverings, etc.

In 2005 and 2008, Swan proved that mothers who were exposed to phthalates during pregnancy did give birth to baby boys with shorter AGD. Also, it is worth noting here, in previous studies, it was found that shorter AGD do correspond with fertility problems. However, this does not mean that chemicals are the only reason, but the reason is when women are exposed to common phthalates the testosterone level decreases and this leads to several issues.

So, it seems that the obsession of men concerning the size got some sort of justification. Size indeed matters when it comes to fertility. However, the only difference is it is not about the penis size as most people are expecting it to be, but about the AGD which nearly no one knows.

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