Keeping A Journal Of Your Penile Enlargement Progress Is Important

Keeping a Note of Your Penis Enlargement Progress Is Very Crucial

Every man, who is considering the idea of penis enlargement thinks and expects some quick and measurable results. Well, you need to understand that penis enlargement is a slow process and it will not show results over night. Also, it is strongly recommended that one must not measure it too often. This is because if the size is not significant, it may dishearten you.

However, on the other hand, how will you actually know if you are progressing or not if you will not measure it? Confused? Well, the whole idea of not measuring does not mean you cannot measure at all. In fact, measuring the right way and at proper intervals is very crucial to see if there is any progress or not.

Whatever method or device you are using for your penis enlargement goal. Unless you do not know if you are, progressing or not it is all useless. Following a tight regime, taking pills, doing enlargement exercises, using devices and all of it may seem easy, but to see how effective they are, you need to measure yourself.

If you are opting for penis enlargement, it is recommended to maintain a journal of your progress. You can do it in several ways. Go through all the options and see which one suits you the best. If you do not start maintaining a journal right from the beginning of your penis enlargement journey, you may never know your progress.

Keep a notebook:

This is obviously the easiest way. Measure your penis at regular intervals and note down your length and girth size in a notebook. Make sure, you use the same measuring device every time and measure very particularly each time. One more thing that you can do is measure from the same point, usually the base. Also, make sure your penis is fully erect when you are measuring since measuring on flaccid or partially erect penis may not give you genuine measurements. If you really wish to see some significant results, make sure you measure consistently and very perfectly every time.

Taking snaps may also help:

Taking pictures may sound a little weird to many men, but this is one of the best ways to see how well you are progressing. Again, make sure you are completely erect since flaccid or partially erect penis may not give you genuine progress report. Take consistent photographs. Like, maintain the same background or the same angle from which you take photos every time.

Also, try to take photographs from different angles. You can even try comparing your penis with some measurable device and when at last, you will see all the photos together see how you progressed gradually.

That is all. To check your progress, the best way is to note down your measurements. Measure it with a tape or may be take photographs or do both. Also, as mentioned above do not measure very frequently. Try measuring once every two week or may be once a month if you really want to see some measureable difference.

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