Top Three Reasons Why Men Look For Penis Enlargement

Advancement in technology has led to the invention of products and techniques that were not there before. For instance, men who wish to have bigger penises can now undergo one of the handful penis enlargement plans. It is no longer unusual to hear men talk about their desire to have a bigger dick. One may wonder why this is the case. Some people have even advised men to be grateful and make the most of what the good Lord gave to them. So, why do men look for penis enlargement?

First and foremost, they do so to boost their confidence levels. Even men with average sized penis are unsure of what their partners think about them. If this is the case, you can imagine what men with small penises have to go through. For men, how their partners perceive them is of utmost importance. Research studies have revealed a direct relationship between the confidence levels of men and their penis sizes. Self-confidence is very crucial when it comes to bedroom matters and men want to feel more confident in the knowledge that they are good in bed. Men thrive on ego and the more comfortable they are with their penises, the more confident they feel.

Secondly, respect is a very fundamental aspect in the men's territory. This explains why men prefer getting respect from their women instead of love. As far as penis size is concerned, he will want to know that he measures up to the biggest guy. At least every man has compared his penis with that of someone else. They do this all the time, in the streets, locker rooms and the urinals among numerous other places. As a matter of fact, they make comparisons at every opportunity they get. For a long time, masculinity has been associated with the penis size and this explains why a bigger penis helps a man to command respect. Additionally, men know that women talk about their penis sizes with their girlfriends. Of course, you know what this means when your penis is bigger- you will certainly command respect among them.

Thirdly, men want to satisfy their women in bed. They want to overwhelm their women with sexual satisfaction. A common perception is that men with smaller penises have difficulties giving their women enough sexual excitement. On the other hand, men with bigger penises manage to fulfill the sexual fantasies of their partners. Even though she will not tell you, she is comparing your penis with that of his previous boyfriends – unless of course you were her first.

Anticipation of sexual pleasure begins way before you penetrate her. Whether or not she will enjoy the sexual intercourse optimally will depend on your penis size. If she sees your small penis, her expectations of your sexual performance will drop almost instantly. Even if you are the best lover she has ever been with, she will be thinking about your small penis the whole time. What she thinks about you is imperative. In that regard, if she thinks you are adequately packaged, her perception of sex with you will be good.

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