A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head

What Is It About A Big Head Or A Big Base?

Penis size has its own importance in sexuality. Women prefer men with big penis and are turned on by big penises. This makes clear why men are so much obsessed about their penis size. This “issue” is the reason why penis enlargement industry is gaining so much success.

Male enhancement products have reached every corner of the world. Since men are obsessed about their penis size, they go strongly after enlargement products. Also, enlargement products are for those, who want more pleasure for themselves and their partners. On the other hand, for some men a larger penis is a sign of masculinity and increases their self–confidence. Well, whatever be the reason, the bottom line will always be “A bigger penis is more pleasure”. Whether it is about their own pleasure or their partner's, ultimately men go after penis enlargement for more pleasure.

There are a number of ways to pursue penis enlargement. One can practice some exercises, take pills or use enlarging devices like extenders. Also, in some cases, a combination of two or more methods has proved to be useful. Different methods have different results concerning to sexual pleasure.

Whatever men do, their women will always like to have them either an average size penis or a little bigger than average. Why? In simple words, bigger is better to some extent. An overly large penis will cause her pain and zero pleasure. This is true, especially when a man doesn't know how to handle his lady with care. These men are hard and rough, when it comes to sex. They don't really know how to please their partners. Also, one thing that these men should keep in mind is that it is more about techniques of using what they have rather than just having a big one.

Whenever a conversation concerning the penis size takes place, there is always a question that whether a big head is important or a big base. Well, many say it is all about a big head. This can be true, but not necessarily.

On the other hand, if you ask a woman, she will most likely agree that a bigger base is more important than a bigger head. Why? Well, a penis with a bigger head will definitely look more appealing and sexually arousing. How do you think it is enough to satisfy her sexually? A bigger base on the other hand makes sure that she gets a real good stimulation when her partner is going to and fro. The tip of the penis does not stimulate her clitoris once the penis is inside the vagina and it is all about the penis base that gives her a nice stimulation. So, if it is about her sexual pleasure, it is definitely the penis base.

Besides, there are a few examples where couples have reported that the penis is too small to fit in the vagina. In some cases, it is too big to enter her at all. However, these things do not hinder their satisfaction. It is ultimately about the techniques that they employ to satisfy each other mutually.

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