Some People Believe Vaginal Orgasm Is A Myth

Did You Know Why For Many the Idea of Vaginal Orgasm is A Fallacy?

The idea of female orgasm is one single point, which is always misunderstood as well as misinterpreted when the penis size discussion takes place. For many, there is nothing like vaginal orgasm. They purely think that it is all about clitoris stimulation that makes a female reach orgasm and hence the importance of penis size is not really a thing. Well, how did this wrong notion gained so much popularity?

Let's see:

There are several studies conducted in the past to make sure about the parts of a female's body that are most sensitive to sexual touch. The widespread fallacy of “there is nothing like vaginal orgasm” was caused because of flawed reports of several sex researchers. We will just go through these reports to make sure about their flaws.

In 1950's Alfred Kinsley and his research partners tried to discover the sexually sensitive body parts of a woman. They tested above 800 women and sexually touched sixteen points on their body including the cervix, vaginal lining, minora and majora and the clitoris. They concluded that clitoris was the most sensitive body part of a woman and vagina was not. However, they even concluded that vagina and g-spot responded to deep pressure rather than to soft. Thus, they ridiculed the idea of vaginal orgasm.

A decade later, a couple (William Masters and Virginia Johnson) almost tried to bury the idea of vaginal orgasm based on Kinsley's research. They misunderstood that the clitoral orgasm was the only real thing and vaginal orgasm simply did not exist.

Later in 1968, a feminist Shere Hite simply attacked the idea of vaginal orgasm in her Hite Report. She wrote that all sexual sensations are clitoris based and vaginal stimulation does not matter for woman's sexual satisfaction. Well, this was her way of letting all men down and letting them know that they are no superior to another if they have a bigger penis.

A big crowd of frustrated house wives agreed to this feminist bandwagon and kept on disrespecting men by saying that they never climax from penetration alone and needed clitoris stimulation to reach orgasm. They strongly agreed to the idea that there was no vaginal orgasm. However, the truth is they did not have guts to admit that their husbands did not have a good enough penis size or were lacking bedroom skills or had lack of stamina.

The feeling of deep hatred and jealousy for men led these women to agree that anything that goes inside a woman's vagina is anti feminist. However, they actually overlooked that they themselves were being anti feminist since they denied themselves the vaginal pleasure.

For sure, Kinsley's sex researches have given sexuality the status that it enjoys today. However, his idea of “there is nothing like vaginal orgasm” has taken the entire concept of women sexuality in the wrong direction. Also, this has led men to think that their penis size does not matter at all, which today we know that actually matters a lot.

A penis size discussion is damaging several couples out there. On top of it, if such a misconception is more importance, it will give us nothing, but many more dissatisfied men and women and numerous broken relationships around the globe.

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