Micropenis Causes And Treatment

All about Micro Penis, Its Causes and Treatment Options

For those who are not aware about the micropenis condition, it is very rare, but a condition that exists. It is also referred as a ‘Microphallus'. It is a condition wherein a man's penis is drastically small right from birth, say less than 1.9 cm when stretched. In adult males, the average size is less than 2 inches in length. It is a condition found in less than 1 percent of total male population. However, those who are actually facing the condition are definitely living a very frustrating life.

Men suffering from this rare condition have all other reproductive parts. However, the only difference is their penis is unconditionally small. In most cases, there is barely a shaft and all you can see is the head of the penis. It is a big surprise to know that men with such small penises are also able to lead a healthy and normal sexual life and many have even reported to start a family. When we talk about this condition, the issue is actually in the mind, which definitely can be cured by counselling.

Actual causes and treatment options:

Since the condition itself is rare, there are very few causes, which results in the condition. The two main causes found include genetic causes and low testosterone levels during second and third trimester of pregnancy. The condition can be treated right from the beginning of a man's life. Testosterone stimulation is one of the treatment options.

However, this method only works if the cause of the condition is hormonal. The treatment is carried on for three months and the results are noted. If there is a considerable difference, the treatment is continued. It is reported that in several cases the treatment has resulted into fully-grown and appropriately functional penis.

Surgery is also an option. However, it is not opted much since it involves a lot of risk and is definitely very painful. There are surgeries, which can increase both length and girth size of a penis. As far as, men with the condition of micro penis are concerned, they generally opt for surgeries that can give them a good considerable penis length. Once again, risk is involved and it is advice to discuss all the risks factors before hand and then decide to go for it or not.

For those, who did not undergo a treatment as a child, there are still a few options left. There are methods, which can help you enlarge your penis a little. You can check out on extenders and penis pumps for starters. Next, there are also penis enlargement pills, which are totally safe to use. Penis enlargement exercises are also a good option and they have worked in many cases. You can only be sure about which one works the best for you, if you experiment with all of them. Also, you can combine different methods and see if that works for you.

Lastly, there is one thing that you must keep in mind and that you cannot expect to see drastic difference in your penile size. However, since you have a micropenis, there will be definitely a noticeable difference in your penis size.

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