Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis, Stimulation From Penis Girth

People debate on penis size and its importance on vaginal and clitoral stimulation. However, the underlying fact will always remain the same, and that is, a thick penis is more pleasing. Why? There are many logical reasons for that, of which a few important ones are listed here.

A Thick Penis Can Provide Vaginal Satisfaction

Given a little thought, you can well imagine and know the reason as why a thicker penis can provide more vaginal stimulation. Say for an instance, it will lead to more friction and pressure on the sides of the vagina or the vaginal walls. Will it not? Besides, a thick penis will also dilate the vagina and will create more friction on the G-spot and AFE zone inside.

A Thick Penis Can Give More Clitoral Stimulation

It's a common misconception that extra penis size can have no benefit when it comes to clitoral orgasm. However, that is not at all true. To understand it, you need to know a bit about the structure and biology of clitoris.

The clitoris is connected to the glans, and has two legs of around 4 inches that flare backwards and downwards into a woman‘s body. Besides, there are two bulb-like structures, on each side of the vaginal cavity and these bulbs contain erectile tissue. Needless to mention, a thick penis can easily create more stimulations on these legs and bulbs. Hence, the more the stimulations on those erectile tissues, the more pleasing and exciting it can be for a woman.

Here, it is also worth mentioning that when a thicker penis is inside, it is really tight and this tightness very effectively leads to more pulling of the inner lips or the labia minora. These lips are directly connected to the clitoral hood, and so you can well expect as how their movement can make the clitoral hood to slide up and down.

Small Sized Men Need Not Be Sad Though

Now, after knowing about all the reasons that make a bigger penis so satisfying for a woman, the small-sized men might feel sad. However, you need not have pity on yourself. It's ok, as you are not the only one, who thinks that nature has endowed you unfairly. In fact, a great percentage of men feel so.

A small or average-sized man can make his woman achieve orgasm in many effective ways. Make the best use of all the oral and manual stimulation techniques, be creative and try new things in the bedroom, prefer the positions that are favourable for men with small penises, and so on.

Above all, there are numerous safe and effective techniques for penis enhancement these days. Hence, you may prefer penis exercising, traction device, their combination, or any other safe approach for penis enhancements. All you need is to be consistent with your effort and have patience. You will finally achieve the results for sure, and then you will also realize that a bigger penis does make a lot of difference.

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