Some People Believe Vaginal Orgasm Is A Myth

Admit it that deep inside even today you consider that you don't know much about female orgasm or female satisfaction. Yes, you have a bit of idea on it, but still those are not that clear. It's not only you, in fact a great percentage of people (including women themselves) have blurred or confusing ideas in this context. Besides, there are also few misconceptions instilled on people's mind in terms of female orgasm.

One of the very common examples in this context is that people falsely but strongly believe that female orgasms originate in the stimulation of clitoris alone. There doesn't exist anything like vaginal orgasm. Hence, they conclude that penis size has no importance at all in making a woman achieve orgasm.

Now, you might be wondering as how this fallacy or misconception originated. Where did it actually start that people gradually started believing in it? Hence, to answer that, and the most important factor that can be considered as a reason behind this widespread notion, there are the flawed reports that were made up by three very famous sex researchers.

Three Flawed Reports That Started This Misconception

During the 1950's, Alfred Kinsey and few of his researchers carried out a major survey wherein they tested even more than 800 women in total. Their only motive was to know which parts of the female genitals are the most sensitive and reactive to sexual stimulations.

Believe it or not, but they softly touched around sixteen different points of all those women's genitals so as to come to a proper conclusion. These points included the clitoris, labia minor and major, cervix, and vaginal lining. They had a device that was very similar to Q-tip, for this purpose of testing.

In their research, they noted that the vagina, especially the area around the G-spot, can only respond to deep pressure and there was no response to soft touch. Then, it did not take even minutes for them to conclude that clitoris is sensitive and can be used for female orgasm, but not vagina. Kinsey himself quoted that vagina is devoid of nerve endings, and this way he just ridiculed the notion of “vaginal orgasm”.

Around a decade later, the couple Virginia Johnson and William Masters concluded that the clitoral stimulation is the one and only source of sexual stimulation in women in their genital region. They took Kinsey's report as the basis to come-up to this conclusion.

Again, around in 1968, a feminist and sex-researcher, Shere Hite wrote her report in this context. She clearly quoted that all sensations are simply clitoris-based.

Now, in the present scenario, Kinsey and these other researchers' studies are given great importance, as they are ones mainly responsible for giving sexuality its deserved status. However, their errors or false reports have led to a big misconception in people.

Vaginal Orgasm Exist And That Makes Penis Size Important

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