Other Factors Affecting A Woman's Orgasm

Women have different approach towards sex than men. They can be a bit complicated to understand, but they get aroused just like men do. However, they have different moods that need to be understood, while having sex. Hence, the right path towards a better sexual life is to understand your woman and her moods.

When your girl sees you making an effort to understand her, she will not only respect you for that, but will also love you more. A women values love, understanding and respect above sex, if you give her all that, she will give you great sex in return.

Emotional involvement a path towards awesome sex

It is important for a woman to feel emotionally connected with you. If she loves a man, and he loves her back than the level of orgasm and excitement is immense.

Chances are that she will experience better orgasm and pleasure, when she feels connected to the man she is having sex with. Big or small penis, better techniques, nothing will matter, as the emotional connection will fulfill her sense of satisfaction.

Apart from emotional attachment, the other factor, which turns on women, is the hardness and the motion style used by men during sex. Your penis has to be hard and properly erect, if you want to please your girl. However, you must also remember that hard erection is not the only thing that would please women while having sex. You will have to ensure the right motion technique in order to make orgasm more fulfilling and exciting.

Different moods of women

Women enjoy sex as much as men do. You will be surprised how well women know their own body and sexual desire. If you want to experience sex to an ecstasy, then it is really important that you understand different sexual moods of women.

  • There are days, when she desires soft and gentle penetration. This means small penis or fingers.
  • Sometimes, she desires massive penetration. This means, long and thick penis.
  • At times, she desires only soft sexual touch in and around the vagina without penetration.

You need to understand, these particular moods and work accordingly to build the sexual tension in her body. This will make sex enjoyable for both the partners, allowing both of you to reach orgasm.

Some men feel that women only enjoy soft sex, which is not correct. There are women, who will tell you that she also enjoys rough sex, where she has to submit to the man. This is her favorite sexual act, which she enjoys the most. Women feel turned on just by thinking of being ravished and conquered by the man. This feeling of being conquered by a man, can explain why women enjoys sex in a standing position or in a doggy position.

When a woman says that she wants long and thick penis, do not take it otherwise, if you have small or medium size penis. The desire for long penis is natural liking among all women, but this does not mean that she loves you less. Of course, she loves you and that is the reason she is with you.

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