Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm - Different Arousal Points in the Vagina

Vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of a women's body. There are different arousal spots in the vagina, which makes sex satisfactory for a woman. When you are in bed with a woman, it is important that you play with her body parts, find out what arouses her. This will make sex an electrifying experience for both of you.

The different arousal points in a woman's vagina

According to the research conducted, it has been found that there are four arousal points in her vagina. They are:

  • G-spot
  • Clitoris
  • Epicenter
  • AFE Zone or Anterior Fornix Erotic Zone

Each of the above stated part stimulates a different sensation in the vagina, and a woman responds differently to this peculiar sensation.


Vaginal orgasm occurs due to continuous stimulation of the G-spot during vaginal penetration. The orgasm occurs with the rhythmic contraction of the lower walls of the vagina, as a result, an electrical discharge occurs radiating through the entire body. During this intense orgasm, there is an intense contraction of the entire muscles of the body.

During the approach of an orgasm, it have been noticed that women involuntarily hold back their breath, and breathe out heavily at climax.


Clitoris or vulva orgasm can be induced by two different ways:

  • Vulva penetration
  • Manual stimulation

The vulva or clitoris orgasm occurs with the contraction and stimulation of the orgasmic platform. After a vulva orgasm, a woman feels that she has just begun the act of having sex, and can continue with more orgasms.


Epicenter is also known as orgasmic pacemaker. It usually occurs due to deep stimulation inside the vagina. Uterine orgasm marks its occurrence by heavy contradiction of the vagina and the uterus. Together it triggers a stimulation of heat wave, which runs up from the vagina, to the chest bone. After an epicenter orgasm, a woman has a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure making her desire for more sex.

Other ways to get aroused and enjoy sex

Vagina is not the only way in which you can arouse a woman. There are loads of other ways, some women get extremely aroused and enjoy anal sex, and some enjoy nipple orgasm, while some urethral masturbation.

However, most women, who enjoy anal sex prefers medium size penis in length as well as in circumference. Women who are more adventurous and enjoy urethral masturbation, does so, by using an object, as small as a hairpin.

It is really important to excite and arouse your girlfriend before taking her to bed. Play with her vagina, using your hand and your tongue, getting to know what she enjoys the most. The more the stimulation, the more your girl will be aroused. However, you have to ensure that the friction or the stimulation occurs in the right vaginal area.

Women are generally more aroused and excited with large penis, as compared to small and thin one. Hence, it is important for those men, with medium and small sized penis to experiment in bed and finding what best arouses your partner.

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