A Trick to Make Her Admit She Prefers a Bigger Penis than Yours

It is the curiosity of all men, to know what their partner thinks about their penis. There is no use asking them directly as they will never give you a straight answer, until and unless you have a really large penis.

Making a woman admit, what she really thinks about your penis is not an easy task, for she will always says that your penis is the best, and she completely loves it. It is really good that she loves your penis, however could she have loved it better if it was a bit bigger. You already know the answer. She would love your penis, if it were a bit bigger.

If your girl tells you that your penis is big, but you know that it is not as big as she claims it to be, and you want to find out what she actually thinks, then there is a way. It is a bit tricky, but very effective and you will be able to find the truth without putting your girlfriend into a fix.

A way to find out, what she actually thinks

The only way in which you will be able to find out what your girlfriend actually thinks about your penis is by tricking her into answering certain questions, not necessary if you have ‘A' grade penis. It is an old trick and if you follow it correctly, you will get the answer that you have been looking for.

Ask her, if there is a clone of yours, everything is similar between the two of you, height, weight, body, etc. However, he has a penis slightly smaller than mine, like one inch in length as well as in circumference. Whom would you like to have sex with?

She will automatically select you, however if she sees through your trick, and decides to play safe, her answer will be that she would like to have sex with both of you, as she would be able to enjoy sex with two different kind of penis. However, if this is her answer, then make sure that you insist that she will have to choose only one.

After the obvious selection, which will be you, as you have the larger penis, ask her if there is another clone just like you, but the penis is one or two inches larger in size and circumference. Whom will you choose?

Your girl will never answer this question. She will try her best to get out of it. It's a really mean question, which brings out the deepest desire of a woman, but it is the only way in which you will be able to find out what she actually thinks about your penis.

If you find she is still hesitating then ask her to choose between the two clones, and not you. This will give her more confidence and she will answer your question. There is no prize for guessing whom she chooses. Yes, she will choose the clone with the large and thicker penis.

It is to bring to the notice of all men, that you should only use this trick, if you know that your girlfriend is lying to you about your penis size, or you will create a complication in your relationship, instead of solving one. Be careful about the step you take, as it should not backfire.

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