Women Care Also About Testicle Size, Ejaculation Volume and Ejaculation Distance

Men worry a lot when it comes to sex life. They want to be perfect and the best sex partner to their girl. However, you cannot take the worry of men. They worry about their penis size, their testicle size, and also the volume and distance of their ejaculation. However, it is important that you enjoy sex rather than being worried about petty things.

Is testicle size important to women?

Testicles are also important for most women. However, it is important for you to know that maximum women are turned off by the size of large testicles. They are also put off by very big and low hanging testicles. Yes, even if these testicles are on a large penis.

Women usually prefer medium or quarter size testicles, as they arouse them, making them want to caress it and play with it.

Ejaculation distance and volume pleases women

The main reason men worry about their ejaculation is to please women they are in bed with. However, it is important that you understand your body and respect it. It might be possible that some men might be a dibbler, while others might be shooter.

If you are a dibbler, there is nothing to be ashamed of, that is how your body is made, and if your woman loves you, she will accept you the way you are.

There are women, who accept that they gain immense satisfaction when they see their men shooting out heavy volume of ejaculation. The reason behind this is psychological satisfaction. She is pleased that you have shoot out of such a large volume for her.

Another reason is that, they feel satisfied to be with a healthy, fit and fertile man. She is subconsciously satisfied to be with such a man, who can easily get her pregnant. A large and powerful ejaculation is seen by most women, as a sign of maleness and virility.

Women too feel anxious about sex

Just like men, women too feel conscious and anxious about her body and her sexual performance. Thus, when a man shoots out large ejaculation, it satisfies and excites a woman, as you had this particular ejaculation just for her. This helps in boosting her ego.

It has been seen that, when you have large, powerful ejaculation, your girl will feel the excitement even after sex is over, and she will look forward to have better sex experience with you, just to see the ejaculation once again. Thus, it will make your sex life much more exciting and satisfying than it ever was.

Evaluation of the volume of ejaculation

According to research and studies conducted, it has been noticed that, men hardly ejaculate around one or two teaspoon. However, when you as a woman if it is enough to satisfy her, she will say no. for this amount of ejaculation has been seen as low. However, you will be surprised to know that a woman will consider anything below two spoons as low.

A man will ejaculate the most when he is aroused, excited and anticipate sex, hence, it is important that you play with your partner. Try new position and caress and touch one another, in order to have large powerful ejaculation.

In the researches, most men are not able to ejaculate properly, as standing in the line and waiting for your turn to come, is not exciting. It might even be nerve ending for some men.

How men and women reacts to ejaculation

Women have come up to claim that they have seen some men, who cannot ejaculate half inch, but some can shoot really far. Most women feel that an ejaculation below one foot is short. If you ejaculate more than one foot then she will easily be impressed with you, however, if you reach two foot, than you have her respect and attention.

We have collected some feedback from men, who stated that when they are not able to shoot out large ejaculation, after sex, they could see and feel the disappointment of the woman they are in bed with. Most women gain sensation and pleasure during penetration. This is enough to make them have a mind blowing vaginal orgasm. However, they still want to see their man shoot large amount of sperm, as it makes them feel beautiful, desirable and sexy. This triggers the sexual tension and excitement in her, making her climax satisfactory.

When a woman sees that her man is not able to ejaculate as much as she accepts her too, she tends to comment, and also look disappointed. Most men are not able to take it. We have men, who stated that they have come across women, who wanted them to ejaculate on their body. However, all these men were dibblers and not shooters, and they ended up disappointing there partner. One man goes on to say that when he was not able to ejaculate on his partner's body, she went on to say, small load from small penis. He said that this comment hurt him more than his partner thought it would.

Another man said that after he and his girlfriend had sex, she saw the load inside the condom and stated that it is not much. This will not only hurt him, but it also makes him feel inadequate. That very day, he lost all respect for her, and they ended up separating ways.

Girls, it is really important that you love and respect your man as he is. Passing comments that hurt him is not something he is going to sit and bear with. You are putting your relationship in jeopardy. If you are not happy with the amount he ejaculates, then leave it as it is, it is not necessary to comment over everything.

The size of the penis and ejaculation is a very sensitive topic for all men, and hence, it is better left alone, instead of trying to find better ideas to arouse one another in bed.

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