Vaginal Satisfaction, Stimulation From Penis Length

Size does matter! This is a statement that has been pondered over for a really long time. Complete satisfaction to a vagina is provided by a long and thick penis compared to a smaller one. Having an intercourse with a man having a large member is more beneficial in terms of stimulation and satisfaction.

The vagina not having too many sensitive nerves responds well to pressure indicted by deep tissues. A long and thick penis provides and creates that pressure, which in turn makes the love making session all the more pleasurable and satisfactory. A woman, who longs for sexual satisfaction and pleasure, prefers a thick and long penis over a small one.

Benefits of a Long and Thick Penis

  • Stimulates the uterus

  • Stimulates the vagina throughout its depth

  • Allows intercourse in different position

  • Produces more friction on the vaginal walls

In order to avoid any discomfort or pain during an intercourse, it is important to penetrate the penis inside the vagina only when the woman is completely aroused and the vagina is lubricated. Inserting your penis inside an unlubricated vagina will cause discomfort to both the partners and it is difficult to carry on with the love making session. This might create a mental block in the woman and she might just consider love making a painful experience rather than one, which needs to be enjoyed and cherished.

During normal state, the cervix lies at around four inches from the opening of the vagina. The walls are even very close and leave no opening. Once the woman is aroused, the walls of the vagina are lubricated and a space is created in between them. This is still not the best time to penetrate, as the cervix is still at some distance, resulting in pain when hit by the penis.

When the woman is completely aroused and her vagina is ready to accept the penis, the cervix retracts back and the walls of the vagina separate. Having an intercourse with a long penis provides immense pleasure at this moment. You can make use of the length to reach deeper inside your woman.

If penetrated at the correct angle, the penis will avoid a head-on collision with the cervix. The glands of the penis rub against the epicentre or the E-Zone and produce maximum pleasure. Woman, prefer a thicker penis, as it produces more pressure on the inner tissues and maximizes the pleasure compared to a small penis.

Six inches or seven, you just cannot judge satisfaction with the length of the penis. The thickness and strength of erection is the most important aspect while having sex. The harder the erection the more is the pressure generated on the vaginal wall. This will make the woman go crazy and she will moan like never before.

Lubrication is extremely important and helps reducing pain and discomfort to great levels. The more the woman is turned on, the wetter will be her vagina. Men can also use some lubricants on their penis and get a smoother penetration. The girth or thickness of the penis will hit the side walling of the vagina and create the desired pleasures of lovemaking.

Orgasm is one of the most discussed aspects of lovemaking. For some, it is the penultimate thing and the most important factor of judging the satisfaction and pleasure of the intercourse. Orgasm is achieved when the most sensitive part of the vagina is stimulated. This part is commonly referred to as the G-spot and its location varies from woman to woman.

A longer penis has more chances of hitting and stimulating the G-Spot and thereby causing an orgasm for your woman. The penis when completely erect and really strong, will hit this spot and create sensations women dream of. Continuous stimulation will make the woman reach an orgasm and make her feel the way she wants to. It is the best feeling a woman desires while having sex.

Many a times, it will not be possible to attain an orgasm and there is nothing to worry about. You can still have the same amount of fun and pleasure, which you have while experiencing an orgasm. The important factor is the stimulation of nerves and tissues in the front part of the vagina. This is the most sensitive part and it should be well treated in order to make your woman happy. Longer and thicker penis excels in this, and shorter penis finds it a little difficult.

The other issue with a small penis is that it slips out of the vagina quite often and causes disruption to the tempo created while having an intercourse. It is very important to make continuous thrusts in order to enjoy and make your woman go crazy with your moves. A longer and thicker penis creates more friction, which enables it to stay inside the vagina and stimulate it well.

With a long penis, you can enjoy and try multiple sexual positions. A short penis does not give you this opportunity and lovemaking might just become boring and monotonous. A penis having a good length will be able to reach the depth of the vagina from almost all positions and angles. Men with large penis will enjoy the Doggy Position the most. They have the privilege of entering full depth and providing maximum stimulation to the woman.

Lovemaking should not be made boring and predictable. Try different positions and enhance the experience of getting inside your woman. She will love it when the vagina is provided with strong and hard thrusts. Use the length of the penis to dig deep inside her and the thickness to stimulate the tissues and wall of the vagina.

Have a long and thick penis? Make full use of it and woo your woman with your tricks. Give her the pleasure she longs for and make her crazy about you. For men having a smaller penis, there is nothing to get completely disheartened. You too can use the thickness of the penis to provide great levels of stimulation and pleasure to your woman.

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