Tips On How To Make Your First Date A Success

It seems like a daunting task to put your best foot forward and create a good impression on your first date. Just like how to expect a particular kind of behaviour from them, they too have some expectations for you too meet.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Date?

Reality Check - Before going on a date, if you are wondering whether it is just a waste of your time or not, then erroneous belief lies within our attitude. You must remember that nobody is perfect. Thus, taking a chance is the only way you can meet the real love of your life.

Negativity - If you approach your date with negativity, then that is what you will get back. Also keep in mind that just because the first person you dated was not up to the mark, does not mean the next person too will be the same. Give your date a chance, he or she may be the one for you.

Dress to Kill - It is said that the first impression makes the last one, and what hits your senses first about a person is her/ his appearance. Therefore, it is recommended that you put your best foot forward.

During the Date

Table Etiquette - One of the biggest turn offs on a date is when you forget your table etiquettes. Messy with fork and spoon, slurping your soup, making noise while chewing, and taking with food in your mouth are some things you should strictly refrain from.

Flee From the Ex-Talk - Another thing that could ruin your date is mentioning about your ex-partner. Psychologically, this says a lot about you.

First, it shows you may not be ready to move on, and you may give your date a feeling she/he is wasting time with you. Second, it may create an impression that past holds a lot of importance to you and the present, which is your date doesn't matter much to you.

Your Smartphone is Your Enemy

Although it comes with many advantages, your Smartphone can actually ruin your date. Constantly texting or checking emails shows your lack of interest in your date. Taking calls is a complete no-no, unless something really urgent. In case of an urgent call, speak to your date about it.

Importance of Conversation

Use your ace conversationalist skills while meeting the dream girl or guy. Remember that a balanced conversation helps your date trust you. A conversation can bring out the things you have in common.

Leave Out Sexual Innuendos

Your partner may not be comfortable if you try to get too comfortable physically. Leave it for later when you know each other a bit more.

Mood Swings Check

Getting angry or emotional is both forbidden. Keeping your mood in check is of utmost importance.

Drink in Limits

Leave your binge drinking self for your friends and family. A first date is for you to build a new bond, not tap an old one (with alcohol).

Therefore, do not have rounds of anxiety over a first date. The key here is to put your self in the other person's shoe.

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