The Art Of Conversation: The Key To A Woman's Heart

When you like someone, the first technique to make them notice you is by initiating a conversation with them. Often people fail at this step, because conversation is an art. When you don't pull this step off, your crush almost slips out of your hands.

Confidence is the Key

One of the most important reasons of the failure to converse is the lack of confidence in men. This has two consequences:

  • It makes men unsure of how to strike a conversation.
  • It makes them think and think about how to talk to a woman, especially a smart one.

Self confidence enhances your image in the eyes of the others. Therefore, it doesn't really matter what is the topic of the conversation. What matters is how you approach the lady and win her heart with the way you talk.

In case you are completely uncertain about what to talk, go for a subject that you are comfortable with and may not trip you off in the conversation. When you have aced the art of conversation, you can choose freely what to talk about.

The Methodology Blues

By using some of the techniques below, you can transform even a boring topic of conversation into an attention grabbing one:

  • Handling your body with confidence such as straight postures and steady hand movements is an indication of a confident and reliable man.
  • Maintain a constant eye contact as this helps the woman trust you. Do not blink too often.
  • Eyes can also be used to flirt around. The woman should subtly realise you are attracted to her and your eyes can do the job easily.
  • Flirt in a seductive way and make sexual innuendoes here and there. However, don't overdo it, or you'll pass for a sex maniac.
  • Poke fun at the woman at times. This is bound to attract her towards you. Crack jokes during the conversation.

Make sure that your lady's attention is not diverted elsewhere, and thus you need to perk up even a boring conversation. Otherwise the outcome will hurt you, and she may ask your permission to leave in the middle of the conversation because she is bored.

The Art of Teasing Subtly

It is a well known fact that a woman likes to be teased her way into falling in love with you. The art of teasing, you are sure to have the woman of your dreams in your arms. The reason why most men fail to use this trick in their favour is because when they tease and are answered confidently by the woman, they become speechless and hit a dead end.

The way to succeed is to poke fun back at her with the same confidence. This makes a woman score you as her equal, and she begins to take interest in you. In case you are wondering that teasing may backfire and you may lose her, then place your trust with centuries of observations of a woman's behaviour around men trying to woo her.

The outcome of conversing right should be a heightened interest of the woman in you, and she should set the time for the next meet.

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